“Vampire Diaries” fans know fighting bad guys and coming back from the dead leaves very little time for school. However, the hit CW series IS going to return to the classroom when Season 6 premieres on Oct. 2.

TV Line is reporting Elena will be heading back to Whitmore College when the show returns -- which won’t come as a big surprise to viewers. Thanks to the spell that Markos and the Travelers cast in the Season 5 finale, Elena and her supernatural friends don’t have many options when it comes to a place to stay. Forced out of Mystic Falls due to the anti-supernatural magic, Whitmore College is the only place left Elena can call home.

Despite being left completely devastated by the loss of Damon in the finale, it sounds like Elena will be completely immersing herself in her college education. “Vampire Diaries” executive producer Julie Plec told TV Line come fall, Elena will be “actively pursing a degree in pre-med.”

“She’s a smart girl, and Elena’s father was a doctor, so she’s trying to figure out how to help people and save people, just as her family did,” Plec dished of Elena’s new focus in Season 6.

Fans of the show will remember Elena learned more about her father’s past in Season 5. While not all of it was good -- like his involvement with the Augustine vampires -- his end goal was to help save sick and dying people.

In the past few seasons viewers have watched Elena struggle with the idea of her deceased parents accepting her association with vampires and later her identity as a vampire. Her life has taken some wonky twists and turns when it comes to the safety and well-being of others, but the show has made it clear that maintaining Elena’s humanity is what drives her and the people around her.

A degree in pre-med might not sound like too much fun compared to some of the other shenanigans to which “Vampire Diaries” fans are accustomed. However, Plec teased this new story arc for Season 6 will introduce some “hot young pre-med guys and sexy doctors.” Newcomers set to appear in the upcoming season include “Client List” alum Marco James and “Hit The Floor” star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe. James will be playing Liam, an “attractive and smart” upperclassman med-student who comes from a “family of doctors.” O’Keefe on the other hand will be playing Jo, a “tough and accomplished doctor at the university hospital” who “learned the hard way that there’s no room for error in her profession.”

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