Vampire diaries
A new character named Sarah will appear in Mystic Falls in Season 6 of "The Vampire Diaries." Annette Brown/The CW

“Vampire Diaries” fans were forced to say goodbye to a lot of familiar faces in the Season 5 finale. But don’t worry: Mystic Falls will be repopulating! Deadline reports “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” actress Gabrielle Walsh will be joining the hit CW show for Season 6.

According to the site, Walsh will be playing a young woman named Sarah. The character is set to roll into Mystic Falls with “spunk” and “street smarts.” But it wouldn’t be “The Vampire Diaries” if there wasn’t something wrong with her. Viewers will quickly discover Sarah’s got a “shady agenda” while she’s in town.

What that “shady agenda” is remains to be seen, however, the role could potentially be a recurring one throughout Season 6. “Vampire Diaries” fans can look forward to meeting Gabrielle Walsh as Sarah in the Oct. 2 premiere and we’ve got a few theories on what she might possibly be bringing to the supernatural table.

A Lost Traveler

Last time “Vampire Diaries” viewers left off, Markos and his pack of Travelers had tried to take over Mystic Falls. While it initially looked like they succeeded thanks to a spell they cast over the town to end all magic, Damon and Elena hatched a plan to take them all out.

Despite a few hiccups, Damon and Elena’s plan to blow up the Mystic Grill worked in killing Markos and (potentially) all the Travelers inside. But what if there are other Travelers still out there? Since it sounds like Sarah is able to enter Mystic Falls, it’s safe to say she’s human and not supernatural. However that doesn’t rule her out as a follower of Markos.

On The Hunt For Doppelgangers

Everyone wants a piece of the doppelgangers. Elena and Stefan have been forced to fend off attacks from numerous parties: the Travelers, Tessa/Qetsiyah and witches, Luke and Liv. Since their blood still holds some magical powers, Sarah could be after it for some mysterious reason -- or she could be trying to pull a Luke and Liv and end the doppelgangers.

Searching For Bonnie

What if Sarah is somehow related to Bonnie? “Vampire Diaries” fans know that Bonnie and Damon went towards the white light in the Season 5 finale and supposedly died. Since the two actors are still on as series regulars, we know that they’ll be in Season 6 in some form. It would be an interesting twist if Sarah was somehow the key to Bonnie’s return.

A New Friend For Matt

Jeremy and Matt are the only group members who can enter Mystic Falls due to the spell the Travelers placed. Executive producer Julie Plec previously told TV Line while Matt loves his friends, he will definitely be enjoying the town without any dangerous supernatural happenings. Unfortunately Matt has a history of bad decision making and trusting the wrong people. We can totally see him befriending Sarah and accidentally spilling some important information to her.

Season 6 of “The Vampire Diaries” will premiere on The CW on Thursday, October 2, at 8 p.m. ET. What are your theories about Sarah? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.