Is it fall yet? Fans have been digging for scoop on “The Vampire Diaries” ever since the Season 5 finale aired in May. Unfortunately, spoilers for Season 6 have been scarce … which means that we’ve resorted to concocting our own wild theories.

So, what’s our latest theory about? Damon and Bonnie!

Last time “Vampire Diaries” viewers left off, Damon and Bonnie got themselves in a bit of a sticky situation. Damon made the decision to sacrifice himself for the common good of Stefan and the rest of his supernatural friends, and hopped into his car with Elena to blow up the Traveler-infested Mystic Falls grill. The explosion did the job of killing Marcos and his followers – but it also took the lives of Damon and Elena. Fortunately the on-and-off lovers had a game plan to return to the land of the living. But things got complicated when they got split up. With the help of Alaric, Elena was able to find Bonnie and reluctantly pass over to the living. But Damon wasn’t as lucky. Luke decided to cut off Liv’s magic connection to Bonnie, leaving Damon stuck on the crumbling Other Side with Bonnie.

Needless to say, Elena and the rest of the gang were completely devastated by the loss of Damon and Bonnie. But despite the disappearance of the Other Side, “Vampire Diaries” fans know that Damon and Bonnie aren’t gone for good.

The question now is, where are Damon and Bonnie? And how will they appear in Season 6? Our theory is that Damon and Bonnie will return to the land of the living … as humans.

Bonnie was technically already a human (despite being a witch or anchor), which means she would essentially be staying the same. But Damon has been a vampire for well over 100 years, and returning as a human would be a major shakeup. Check out three reasons why this theory might actually work out in Season 6:

1. Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham Are Contracted to Return

Executive producer Julie Plec confirmed in May that both Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder are contracted for Season 6 – which means that they will definitely appear in the new season. But Plec didn’t confirm in what capacity the duo would appear.

“Did they find peace?” Plec teased the Hollywood Reporter. “Are we going to be left with Damon and [Bonnie] flashbacks, hallucinations and memories for the entirety of Season 6? Did they find their way somewhere else, and if so, where? I can tell you that the Other Side no longer exists, so they’re not there. There’s no coming back from that.”

Plec’s scoop ruled out another rescue mission to the Other Side, but it didn’t completely eliminate an alternative return to the land of the living.

2. “The Vampire Diaries” Books                     

The CW’s hit series is based on “The Vampire Diaries” books by L.J. Smith. While the TV show doesn’t follow the books, they could possibly draw some inspiration from a couple of story lines – like Damon turning into a human.

The action occurs in “Shadow Souls” when a bouquet of flowers from a Kitsune magically turns Damon back into a human. The twist is that the flowers weren’t meant for Damon – they were meant as a gift for Stefan so that he could be with Elena as a human.

Obviously the circumstances on the TV show are different, but that doesn’t mean that the series can’t put their own twist on it.

3. Grams' Season 5 Finale Words

During the Season 5 finale, Bonnie tried to bring her Grams back into the world of the living. But the former witch refused. Instead she told her granddaughter that she found peace on the Other Side because she made sure that Bonnie would find hers. The series didn’t explore Grams’ final words, but they seem to be pretty important.

While her parting words are up for interpretation, one theory is that she made a pact for Bonnie to get a second chance at life. Bonnie has been pretty selfless, sacrificing her own life on multiple occasions to save the ones she loves. There is no denying that she’s also been responsible for a couple of supernatural mishaps, but overall her actions have been done with the best intentions.

Bonnie was last seen holding hands with Damon as the light enveloped them. She could have either taken Damon with her, or his final selfless acts could have granted him a second chance as well.

What are your thoughts on Season 6 of “The Vampire Diaries”? Do you think Damon will have a second chance at life as a human? Tweet your theories to @AmandaTVScoop.