According to the IBN Live report, Veena Malik’s legal notice cites her current address in Bandra. But, here’s the twist in the tale. The starlet shares her residence address with one other than Ashmit Patel!
According to the IBN Live report, Veena Malik’s legal notice cites her current address in Bandra. But, here’s the twist in the tale. The starlet shares her residence address with one other than Ashmit Patel! Wikipedia

Veena Malik is at the center of the storm of controversy surrounding her naked FHM India cover, featuring a photograph of the Pakistani actress wearing nothing but the letters ISI painted on her arm (ISI stands for Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Spy agency).

Malik has faced a barrage of condemnation for posing nude for the December issue of the men's magazine, and for featuring the letters of her native government's secretive military intelligence organization on her arm.

Malik denies posing naked for FHM India. I have never posed nude. I have never done anything like that ever. My manager and legal team are looking into the matter. We will take legal action against them, she said.

Yet, FHM India's editor claims that he has both video footage of her at the shoot and e-mails from her expressing excitement about the job.

No one can hold anything against FHM as the girl on the cover page was Veena Malik and she can't deny it, he said.

The photo shoot was done on November 22, after which Malik expressed her happiness for posing nude via e-mail, he said.

We have video footage of the shoot as well as e-mails from Veena about how she's looking forward to the cover. We have nothing to do with this controversy, he added.

Pakistan's Interior Minister Rahman Malik has said he had not yet seen the pictures, but vows strict action would be taken if the photos are legitimate.

This is certainly not the first controversy Mailk has faced. In fact, her past is quite sordid.


Mohammad Asif, a Pakistani cricket player, was charged with conspiracy related to sport-fixing in November 2011. He faces one year in prison for his role in fixing cricket matches. Asif dated Malik, and she is purportedly the one who introduced Asif to the bookie known as Match.

In November, Dheeraj Dixit, a freelance photographer embroiled in the match-fixing controversy, alleged that Veena Malik had close ties with bookie Mazar Majeed. Asif was charged based partially on information provided to the International Cricket Council by Malik.

Malik has supposedly spoken to Dixit about her connection to Majeed, who was caught on tape fixing cricket matches during the England-Pakistan series in August, reports The Times of India.

Veena had a boyfriend who she used to call 'Match'. She knew him for three years. I found out later that 'Match' was none other than Mazhar Majeed. They were very close. Malik had told me that she had introduced [Mohammad] Asif to 'Match', Dixit told reporters.

She also told me that she had seven players with her. Dixit claimed he was told players were given the amount generated through match-fixing as an endorsement fee. He also claimed Malik was a part of the bookie-athlete set-ups.

Just see her past. Where was she just seven years back and where's she now? She has got a house, big cars and huge properties, Dixit said. He believes Malik profited directly from the match-fixing.

Malik has denied all allegations against her.

Escort Services

Others have proposed that Malik has provided escort services for popular and wealthy cricket players, according to MiD Day Infomedia. Her jet-setting ways and opulent lifestyle have raised eyebrows.

These reports cannot be independently verified. However, the two were reportedly entangled in a dispute over 13 million PKR ($153,000) after Asif's check to Malik bounced.

Malik did bluntly state that she enjoys the good life.

He [a husband] has to be well-off to take care of me as I am not some girl-next-door. Flowers along with diamonds sometimes are a must, she said in an interview with The Times of India.

Prior Nude Photos

This is not the first time Veena Malik has been caught posing nude for the cameras.

During 2001, nude photographs her Malik were circulating on the Internet. But Malik denied the entire ordeal.

Those are fake pictures. I am not bothered about them since those are not my photographs. I know there is a striking identical resemblance between the girl in those snaps and me but just resemblance takes us nowhere, she had been quoted saying.

Malik is a very popular Pakistani actress and has established herself both in Urdu cinema as well as the fashion world. She is known for her exotic beauty.

It is this fashion clout, including an honoring at the Lux Style Awards in 2007, that have landed her as the model for many other racy photoshoots. Click here to see the footage.

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