Since FHM India launched its December issue on Friday, actress Veena Malik has been thrown into the spotlight because she appeared naked on the magazine's cover.

The actress has made media appearances denying that she posed nude for FHM.

The picture has been morphed, Malik told a TV channel in Mumbai, as reported in the media. It's not me. Definitely not.

Malik also said she has never posed nude.

I have never done anything like that ever, she continued. My manager and legal team is looking into the matter. We will take legal action against them.

The magazine's editor has said he has the video of the shoot and email from Malik to prove the shoot was real.

At least one Pakistan government official has threatened to take strict action against the controversial actress if the photo shoot is real.

Regardless of whether the photo shoot is real or not, Malik has been the topic of discussion on Twitter since Friday. Some have congratulated her for the shoot, while others have poked at her for it.

Here are some of the funniest reactions to Malik's FHM India shoot on Twitter:

-- mirza9: Glad the #Veena Malik pose is struck in such a way so that Pakistani men will not envy the fact that she has the biggest balls in #Pakistan.

-- kaalakawaa: We should just outsource everything to Veena Malik now. Can she please handle this whole NATO raid mess too?

-- Saad_Haroon: Her arm says ISI but that picture is just so RAW #Veena

-- Trendeh paulie: Who is Veena Malik and why does she have the surname of my husband @zaynmalik?

-- MTVIndia: Veena Malik would make a terrible ISI agent considering how much she reveals.

-- BinaShah: We won't attend the NATO inquiry, we won't go to Bonn, we won't do anything but we'll hold a full investigation into the Veena Malik pic!

-- DrSankalp: One fails to understand why politicians are so much interested in striptease of actress on cover as if they do not watch it privately.#Veena

-- Aiyshav: Veena Malik has captured everyone's attention. That's all it takes, stripping. Lol.

-- fahadnaveed: Inspired by Veena Malik, Imran Khan has also decided to show the world his assets

-- akifzeb: Declare your assets you all, even Veena is better than you, you corrupt politicians! Pakistani spring speaking on its maiden voyage...