The medical marijuana business has boomed in recent years. While the powerful plant has been applied for centuries, these days, it’s available in multiple methods of intake -- from oils and tinctures, to inhalants, to pills and other edible forms.

Alongside the progress of medical cannabis, cannatech platforms have emerged -- platforms that connect patients with licensed doctors online, allowing them access to their state’s medical cannabis program. Veriheal is a healthcare technology program dedicated to providing cannabis education and ensuring the wellness of patients everywhere.

Behind Veriheal are entrepreneurs Joshua Green and Samuel Adetunji, who aim to innovate the medical cannabis landscape. Recognizing the demand for medical marijuana cards, they wanted to use technology to help bridge the gap between patients and access.

An online portal where patients can apply and receive their medical marijuana cards, the platform also offers access to licensed physicians, dispensary locations and more. It also provides personalized consultations with cannabis coaches to help work through an individual’s cannabis journey.

But more than helping patients, Veriheal is looking to revolutionize the cannabis industry.

Innovation and accessibility

With a team of over 60 employees globally -- growing 400% since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic -- the cannatech platform has turned its focus to the future of at-home care.

“Telemedicine restrictions around cannabis have eased up greatly with stay-at-home orders, but people still need professional medical care,” explains Anthony Dutcher, marketing director at Veriheal.

“We predicted this many years ago, that at-home care was the future for all medicine, not just cannabis. COVID only accelerated this.”

Veriheal has placed a spotlight on the accessibility of treatment, particularly now with mobility and traffic restrictions in place due to the pandemic. The team was quick to integrate features and tools that patients can use to access consultations and information from their homes. With an upscaling of national operations to 33 medical cannabis states, they’ve been able to adapt to continually provide for their users. And by existing entirely online, their services are right at the fingertips of anyone looking for a one-stop site for all medical mairjuana needs.

Diversity in the Cannabis Industry

Veriheal Cannatech Platform Analysis Graphic
Veriheal Cannatech Platform Analysis Graphic Veriheal

As a company, Veriheal places particular focus on diversity and supporting members of minority populations. Green and Adetunji, both Black Americans, are aware of discrimination in the cannabis industry and its regulations against people of color. The company continually pushes for more diversity and inclusion, both internally and within the cannabis industry itself.

“Diversity is at the epicenter of Veriheal’s operations and success,” shares Dutcher.

Over 60% of its employees are women, a huge achievement in the still largely male-dominated cannabis industry. Many of its staff come from varying ethnicities, with the company unafraid to take chances on people of different backgrounds.

“If it comes down to hiring someone with more education versus a more open mind and a diverse background, we’re going to go with the open-minded person,” Dutcher adds. “It is our own experiences that make us the individuals that we are.”

The company recognizes that having a spectrum of voices and perspectives on board leads to further innovation. And the December 2019 launch of its personalized consultations is a testament to that -- a small idea that has since boomed, and benefitted not only patients but the company as well.

A premium on education

Veriheal also puts a premium on education, both within the cannabis industry and outside. Its online platform strives to inform the public on the benefits of medical cannabis and the means to accessing it. Outside that, they’ve also been paying it forward by investing in the students of today to create cannabis industry leaders tomorrow.

Its Innovation in Cannabis Scholarship, for students in the United States with knowledge and passion for cannabis, aims to revolutionize the industry in fields such as agriculture, business, medicine and public health and liberal arts. Ten students from varying backgrounds have already received a $1,000 scholarship each.

What's next for Veriheal?

As for the future, Veriheal sees data becoming a quintessential part of the cannabis industry. The federal legality of cannabis -- both medically and recreationally -- now feels more like an inevitability than a pipe dream. By merging cannabis consumer data with healthcare information, Veriheal looks to improve the lives of people relying on marijuana for treatment and to educate those looking to opt for cannabis treatments later on.

As the cannabis industry grows, so too will Veriheal, as it continues its commitment of being at the forefront of alternative medicine. With core values revolving around diversity, education and innovation, it strives to fight the stigma surrounding medical marijuana use and provide its patients better quality of life.