Vermintide 2 warpfire
A Skaven rat wielding a Warpfire Thrower in Vermintide 2 Fatshark


  • "Vermintide 2" is free to claim until Nov. 7
  • Map and character DLCs are also on sale
  • Double XP is active until Nov. 16

The seventh-anniversary celebration for Fatshark's "Tide" series of games is currently underway, offering players the chance to get "Vermintide 2" for free alongside big discounts for select expansions, along with other in-game goodies.

"Vermintide 2" is free to play and keep for all Steam users as long as they claim the game before Nov. 7. Once acquired, it will be bound to the user's Steam account permanently as if purchased regularly. This covers the entirety of the base game, plus all of the free updates "Vermintide 2" has ever received since it launched.

Players who want to get access to all of the maps will still have to purchase the requisite DLCs. However, all maps can technically be played by anyone so long as players join the correct lobby. All new players can still experience the DLC maps, but only if they have a friend who owns them or gets placed in a pre-hosted lobby.

Vermintide 2 War Priest
Victor Saltzpyre as a Sigmarite War Priest in Vermintide 2 Fatshark

Luckily, most of the game's downloadable content is on a massive discount until much of November. This includes the character specialization DLCs for Kruber, Bardin, Kerillian and Saltzpyre.

Later this month, the game will receive another free update in the form of the "Trail of Treachery" DLC. Here, the Ubersreik Five will escort a cargo caravan through Tockstadt, a remote village in the snowy mountains that succumbed to Nurgle's Plague. The area features plenty of abandoned buildings, treacherous paths and misty forests.

"Trail of Treachery" is the first of a two-act adventure, and the second part is scheduled to release in 2023.

There's still no word on when Bright Wizard Sienna's fourth subclass will be released. Meanwhile, fans are speculating that a reveal is imminent. Theories revolving around this fourth class include a possible Kislevite Ice Witch profession given how the new DLC is set in an icy region and how "Total Warhammer 3" gave a particular focus to the northern kingdom of man.

As part of the anniversary celebration, "Vermintide 2" matches will reward twice as much XP until Nov. 16. It will give new players a chance to catch up to veteran rat killers and heretic slayers more quickly.

Vermintide 2 has a number of powerful boss enemies, including the imposing Bile Troll
Vermintide 2 has a number of powerful boss enemies, including the imposing Bile Troll Fatshark