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The police said that the shooting is believed to be a gang-related incident. pixabay


  • Two people were arrested in connection to the kidnapping
  • The victim's hands were bound together, and her head was partially covered with a duct-taped bag
  • Police did not confirm whether the suspects were familiar to the victim

A Vermont woman who was held hostage managed to escape her kidnappers by driving off in the suspects' car, despite her hands being tied and her face partly covered.

Two people, identified as Mack Vernum, 45, and Nichole Cloutier, 36, were arrested in connection to the kidnapping, Fox News reported.

Witnesses in the Vermont town of St. Johnsbury called and asked police for help Thursday morning after noticing a woman suspiciously driving a truck. Her hands were seen bound together with duct tape while her head was partially covered with a duct-taped bag.

After talking to the woman, police learned that she had been held hostage and successfully escaped the attackers.

According to Vermont State Police, the unidentified victim was picked up earlier on the side of the road by a man and a woman. Authorities did not reveal whether the suspects were familiar to the victim.

Police added that the man and woman forcibly bound the victim in their truck and held her there for several hours while threatening her life.

The victim was able to flee after being left alone in the truck. Police said she was able to break free enough to begin driving away and drove herself about 15 miles to St. Johnsbury, where she was eventually stopped by law enforcement officers.

The following day, police arrested Vernum and Cloutier, who they believe held the woman hostage.

Police did not reveal a possible motive for the attempt to kidnap the victim.

Both Vernum and Cloutier have been charged with kidnapping, unlawful restraint and aggravated assault.

Vernum is also reportedly charged with attempted first-degree murder.

In a similar incident, a woman who had been held hostage for nearly a year recently escaped from her kidnapper and sought for help at a New Jersey gas station.

James W. Parrillo Jr., 57, was arrested and charged with kidnapping a woman he met in New Mexico in 2022, traveling to New Jersey with her, and assaulting her in a Burlington County home where they rented a room, according to a statement from New Jersey Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin.

The suspect remains held at the Burlington County Jail pending trial.

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