A video was shared on Instagram by actor Neil Nitin Mukesh depicting four cats attacking a snake. Many of the commenters identified the serpent as a venomous cobra.

The caption implies he was driving earlier during the day when he came upon the scene. He captured the video when he got to the shoot of his upcoming movie, "Bypass Road."

In the video, the cats are curiously looking at the snake as they surrounded it. One of the cats was even brave enough to swipe at it. The snake then cocked its head to strike back after the cat’s jab.

At the end of the video, it seemed the snake judged the odds and decided against taking on the felines before it slithered to safety.
The video got a lot of coverage and has been shared over 77000 times on the platform.

The actor confirmed in the comments section that wildlife officials had been called to bring in the snake probably before it ran into human settlements and caused another incidence.

One commenter wrote that someone should have informed the snake catchers to get the cobra out of there and release it into the surrounding forested area. Mukesh responded that he already did so.

Others commented on the snake video empathizing with the snake’s situation because it seemed outnumbered.

The rest were scared for the cats saying they hoped the snake would not hurt any of them.

Along with the actor, other curious onlookers were also recording the incident. It caught the attention of one of the users that claimed, instead of making the cats run to let the snake go, everyone was busy recording a video.

Critics chastised the actor and onlookers saying they did not care about the cats or the snake and they should have contacted authorities to come and pick the snake.

These were irrelevant commentaries considering the event took place within a short period, which was hardly enough to bring in specialists to take the snake away.

A concerned commenter asked details leading to the event. They were curious about the exact area and species.

Human contact with venomous in the area is quite common. It is the key worry of wildlife officials so they will be searching for the serpent in the area and looking for reports of sightings.

The movie "Bypass Road" began filming during the past year is being directed by Mukesh’s brother, Naman Nitin. It is expected to be released later during the year.

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