After a mob descended upon the Capitol on Wednesday during a joint session of Congress, President-elect Joe Biden addressed the country and urged calm.

Speaking from his home in Delaware, Biden called on President Donald Trump “to go on national television now to fulfill his oath and defend the Constitution and demand an end to this siege.”

“At this hour, our democracy is under unprecedented assault, unlike anything we’ve seen in modern times,” Biden said. “Let me be very clear: The scenes of chaos at the Capitol do not reflect the true America, do not represent who we are.”

Biden said he was "genuinely shocked and saddened" about the events.

“America’s about honor, decency, respect, tolerance," Biden said. "That’s who we are. That’s who we’ve always been.”

Biden, who will be sworn in on Jan. 20, called the conduct of the Trump supporters “insurrection” that bordered on “sedition.”

Trump released a pre-recorded video that urged an end to the violence.

Chaos erupted after pro-Trump protestors stormed the Capitol in an apparent effort to prevent Congress from certifying Biden's election as president. A number of Republican congressmen had objected to the certification of votes in key battlegrounds.

The Senate was evacuated and Vice President Mike Pence was ushered to a secure location.