A grounded Delta Airlines flight in New York erupted into chaos after the plane and passengers were kept on the tarmac for hours.

The flight in question was set to depart from New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport for Miami on Thursday night. However, the flight faced delays after it had boarded due to questionable weather hitting New York and Miami at the time. It quickly changed from an air traffic delay to a refueling delay. And despite reassurances the flight would depart soon, it kept getting hit with delays that went on for nearly eight hours.

During the delays, tensions began to rise within the plane as passengers alleged that they were kept in the dark about the situation. Several passengers also claimed that no food or water was provided to passengers over the course of the eight hour delay. The result was escalating altercations between passengers, flight attendants, and even Port Authority who were called to the plane to help maintain order.

Videos began emerging on twitter showing the situation unfolding within the plane Thursday evening.

Everything came to a head after two passengers got into a fight, which police had to break up.

In the wake of the situation, a Delta Airlines spokesperson provided a statement to media about the situation:

“Delta flight 2385 with service from JFK to Miami was delayed due to weather in both Miami and New York. Customers were offered both water and snack service while on the tarmac and were also offered the chance to take a bus back to the terminal given the plane was parked on a remote pad for quite some time.”

Delta also assured that no one was forcibly removed from the plane following the altercation that unfolded.