"Infowars" host Alex Jones was reportedly attacked Thursday by a man with boiling hot coffee in the streets of Seattle, Washington. Jones was in the midst of conducting a live report for his viewers through Periscope about terrorism when the coffee-thrower walked through his video, saying, "You're trash." 

The video footage of the attack was published Friday to Jones' YouTube channel, Twitter account and Infowars.com. The far-right radio personality took to Twitter after the attack to share the video, saying, "I'm attacked with boiling coffee on the streets of Seattle. Skip to 3:40 to see it all."

The Infowars website refers to the attackers as a "liberal terrorists."

After the bystander referred to Jones as "trash,"  Jones immediately rerouted his video to flag down the man.

"Hey, come tell me on camera. Come here, coward," Jones said. "Come here, coward. Now you're on camera. Tell people intellectually who you are."

The bystander responded, "Intellectually who I am? I am your momma." 

Jones fired back, saying, "Look, you can't even talk right now. This is what they're turning people into. This is it right here — a literal slave of the system."

The bystander didn't stand for Jones' comments, which led him to unscrew the cap on his coffee thermos and pour some of it onto the conservative radio personality. Jones reacted to the attack, saying, "Look at this slave...this is the brainwashing."

The man walked away after the coffee-throwing incident and flipped the vocal Trump advocate off before exiting the video. Jones added, "I'm proud of this because this is who they are — that's why their allies were jihadi's because they hate the west so much."

"They hate the west so much, they hate the prosperity because if you look at that guy, he was physically grotesque," Jones continued. "He was physically soul-sucked. He was physically empty, and that's why we have to come out here and show people what's going on because these people are bought."  

The coffee-thrower wasn't the first person to throw shade at Jones during his live video report in Seattle. Shortly after the coffee attack, a biker was caught on-camera recording the conservative figure with his cell phone.

Jones said to the biker, "Can you speak? We're trying to see if any of these folks can speak out here."

Before riding off, the biker responded, "I don't talk to racist f—s." 

At the video's beginning, Jones chased a man down the street after the man repeatedly flipped him off. Jones proceeded to walk alongside the man, to which they both exchanged a series of expletives.

Jones continued prodding the man, saying, "I'm not afraid of you people. If you have something to say, say it. You have nothing intellectual [to say] because you're an intellectual dumba— who watches mainstream media."

Jones shared a separate live video report to his YouTube channel Thursday, which also took place in the streets of Seattle. However, this video discussed how the Democrat hoax has helped to crash the stock market.

Most Seattle residents that spoke with Jones Thursday did not provide the radio personality with positive feedback, but they were more willing to have a conversation with Jones about his controversial political stance compared to Friday's bystanders. 

One woman calmly approached Jones and said: "I just wanted to tell you that I think your show is terrible...I think you are ridiculous and a conspiracy theorist."

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