Speaking at a press conference Thursday in Washington, D.C., Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani reiterated many past conspiracy theories over alleged voter fraud in the 2020 election.

He also cited the movie "My Cousin Vinny," while doing an impression of the main character played by actor Joe Pesci. The impression did not go over well on social media and prompted more questions about the validity of Giuliani's arguments. 

After addressing possible voter fraud, Giuliani acted out one of the courtroom scenes from the 1992 comedy. He compared election observers not being allowed to closely observe vote counting to a moment in the movie in which the main character tests the vision of a witness in court by asking how many fingers he is holding up.

"Did you all watch 'My Cousin Vinny?'" Giuliani asked. “It’s one of my favorite law movies because he comes from Brooklyn,” he explained, before deciding to act out a scene.

In what appeared to be a weak attempt to imitate Pesci with a thick accent, Giuliani said, “How many fingers have I got up?” The woman in the movie gets it wrong because “she was too far away” to see.

“These people were further away than my cousin Vinny was from the witness,” he added, referring to Republican poll watchers. “They couldn’t see a thing!” 

Giuliani’s imitation quickly drew criticism on Twitter and many users poked fun at the former New York mayor's legal strategy.

Giuliani’s allegations mostly focussed on mail-in ballots which he believes are vulnerable to fraud. He claimed to have hundreds of affidavits to back up his accusations.

“This is enough to overturn any election,” he said, adding that widespread fraud was carried out by “Democratic bosses" and that the Trump campaign still has “multiple pathways to victory.”

Neither Giuliani nor Trump's legal team have offered evidence of voter fraud in court.

Those that have reviewed the affidavits filed in Michigan say that they contain vague suspicions with some specific allegations, the Washington Post reported. The Post added that some affidavits received came from people who didn't even see ballots being counted.

In what was considered an "absurd" press conference, Giuliani continued on and referred to president-elect Joe Biden as a “crook” and chastised the press for reporting that he has no evidence of fraud.

He claimed that it was statistically impossible for Trump to have lost Pennsylvania and claimed to have statisticians willing to testify as such.

He described Biden’s victory in the state as “not a victory, but a fraud.”