If you thought “Vikings” was dramatic Thursday night in episode 6, “Unforgiven,” just wait until the History Channel series airs next week’s episode, “Blood Eagle.” Episode 7 is set to air next Thursday, which means fans have a whole week to speculate about what will occur. And luckily for you, we’ve got the scoop you crave!

Before we dive into the synopsis of next week’s episode, let’s talk about the title. What does “Blood Eagle” stand for? Well, it’s supposed to be taken quite literally. At the end of “Unforgiven,” Ragnar had announced that he plans on executing Jarl Borg for trying to seize Kattegat and threatening his family.

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“Do you really think I could ever forgive this man?” Ragnar asked King Horik. Horik is pretty annoyed that Ragnar wants to kill the only man who could help him get revenge on King Ecbert.

Ragnar then gives Borg gruesome details about what he plans on doing with his body. Just as The Seer had predicted, Borg will become an eagle, a bloody one at that, when Ragnar opens up his rib cage like the wings of a bird. Yikes! Remind us not to ever get on Ragnar’s bad side.

In episode 7, Horrik will try to convince Ragnar not to kill Borg. The two will clash regarding how to dispense justice, but it’s clear that the Earl’s mind is already made up.

“Are you going to pursue with the execution of Jarl Borg?” Horik asks in the leaked promo of episode 7.

“I am,” Ragnar bluntly replies.

But Horik will continue his mission of saving Borg’s life. In the trailer, we see Horik visiting Ragnar’s prisoner in a jail cell.

“What would you have me do?” Horik asks Borg, who is anxiously waiting for his execution day.

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“I would arrange for my escape,” he said. “And that I will kill Ragnar.”

With only four episodes left, “Blood Eagle” will be jam-packed will suspense. “Get ready for the most shocking moment in television," boasts the promo for episode 7.

Will Horik turn his back on Ragnar in episode 7? Let us know your predictions for the coming episode of “Vikings” in the comments section below.