Vikings season 2 spoilers
What will happen in episode 9 of "Vikings"? Jonathan Hession

Our favorite shield-donning “Vikings” will be back Thursday with a new episode. And according to reports, “The Choice” will have you squirming in your seat when the nail-biting episode airs at 10 p.m. EDT.

Don’t believe us? Then check out the leaked sneak peek video from episode 9 of the hit History Channel series to see all the drama going down in episode 9. From a bloody battle against the Saxons to rebellion within the Vikings, fans will get their fair share of thrills when “The Choice” makes its debut.

The one-minute promo begins on an interesting note.

“Bjorn reminds me of Odin’s favorite son,” King Horik says to Floki in the trailer.

“Nothing could injure Odin’s favorite son,” Floki responds.

For those who don’t know, Odin is a major god in Germanic/Norse mythology. He is associated with war, battle, victory and death, but also wisdom, magic, poetry, prophecy and the hunt. Odin is also known for having many children with multiple women. And his most famous son is the thunder god Thor.

Thor is the hammer-wielding god of thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength and the protection of mankind. His popularity rose during the Viking age, most likely because of his relentless and brutal behavior on the battlefield.

But why is King Horik comparing Bjorn to Odin’s “favorite” son? What could his intentions behind the comment be? We’re not sure—but it definitely left us feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Due to the head-butting between Horik and Ragnar, we have a suspicious feeling that the red-headed king might attempt to strike the earl in his Achilles heel by hurting his favorite son. As we all know, Ragnar is a huge family man. He’s all about his kin. So, for him to watch his eldest son be slaughtered on the battlefield would crush him, which would leave Horik in a favorable position to continue his raid without having Ragnar pester him about peace.

The two warriors have different ideas of how to approach raiding Wessex. Ragnar wants to take the peaceful, diplomatic route while King Horik has decided to slay anything that stands in his path. Because of their opposing mindsets, the two allies have repeatedly stepped on one another’s toes throughout the second season.

In the episode 9 promo, fans will get to see yet another heated argument between the Vikings.

“King Horik, your behavior has made it very difficult to talk peace or negotiate with King Ecbert,” Ragnar says to his ally.

“You seem to forget—I am king,” Horik replies.

Despite Ragnar’s wishes for a subtle approach, Horik has already started killing Ecbert’s men behind the earl’s back. And because of that, Ragnar has had to wave goodbye to the idea of a bloodless raid.

“We must do battle with Ragnar Lothbrok and his allies,” Ecbert says in the trailer.

Vikings season 2 spoilers
Is Princess Aslaug jealous of Lagertha? Vikings

Yep, it looks like we can expect a bloody war in episode 9. Everyone will be fighting — even Bjorn’s girlfriend Porrun. OK, so she may not be on the battlefield yet, but she’s definitely training so that one day she can be.

“I want to fight in the shield war,” she tells Princess Aslaug. “I want to be like Lagertha.”

Who doesn’t!

“Why does everyone want to be like Lagertha?” Alsaug questions the young girl. Do we sense a bit of jealousy, hmm, princess?

What do you think will happen in episode 9 of “Vikings”? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into the History Channel series when “Vikings” returns Thursday night with “The Choice.”