• The juvenile driver and two passengers sustained minor injuries
  • The driver was charged with reckless driving
  • The patrol cop also suffered minor injuries in the accident

Police released a video showing the terrifying moment when a speeding car went out of control and careened across multiple lanes to nearly hit a Virginia patrol officer.

The dashcam footage, released Tuesday, shows a BMW bolting through four lanes across the Fairfax County Parkway at more than 120 miles per hour and smashing into another vehicle and a police officer, New York Post reported.

The alarming incident took place Monday morning when the patrol officer was conducting a routine stop on the southbound Fairfax County Parkway, the police department said in a statement on Facebook.

"On May 1 around 11:38 a.m., a patrol officer was on a routine traffic stop with a gray 2012 BMW 750 Series on southbound Fairfax County Parkway prior to Braddock Rd," officials noted.

Within minutes, a black BMW, which was traveling north on the parkway at a high rate of speed, lost control and drifted to the other side. According to officials, the BMW spun around, crossed the median and struck the parked vehicle and then the officer's vehicle. The patrol officer attempted to jump away from the scene to protect himself. "The officer was struck and nearly killed," the police statement said.

Police said the speeding black BMW was driven by a 17-year-old male, whose identity was not released. The juvenile was driving the car and had two other passengers, all of who suffered minor injuries in the accident. Fortunately, all three in the black BMW were wearing seatbelts, police said.

The teen driver was charged with reckless driving.

"It's just miraculous that we're not talking under different circumstances," Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis told WRC-TV. "By all accounts, this should have resulted in much worse outcomes than it did, so thank God for that."

Police transported the adult driver of the gray BMW on the traffic stop to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor non-life-threatening injuries. He has since been released from the hospital.

The cop also sustained minor injuries in the incident. His identity and current medical condition remain unknown.

"We are relieved this crash did not result in a tragedy. This is an important reminder that life can change in an instant. It is the driver's responsibility to drive safely and arrive safely," the Fairfax County Police Department stated in the Facebook post.

According to experts, the car had been going at the speed of 120 mph in a 50 mph zone before it lost control. "The vehicle lost control because cars can't go that fast on the highway," one expert told WRIC.

Meanwhile, officials called on parents and guardians to consider using the video as a teachable moment to have a conversation with their teen children about the importance of careful driving. "Parents and guardians should consider using this video as an opportunity to have a conversation with their teen drivers about how their driving behavior can affect the lives of others."

The police chief also suggested parents to reconsider giving high-performance automobiles to their teen drivers.

"The car involved in that collision yesterday was a whole lot of car for an inexperienced driver," Davis told WRIC. "It was going way too fast. It was a rocket, and then it became a missile."

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