Fans were thrilled to see “The Voice” Season 14 premiere on Monday night and enjoyed watching the blind auditions that caused plenty of laughter and playful tension between the judges. However, things took a turn when a country artist took the stage, and Blake Shelton was blocked from pursuing the contestant.

On Monday night, fans took to Twitter to share their unhappiness with the block feature that was introduced to the show during its 2018 premiere on NBC. The new twist allows a coach to stop another coach from gaining a new contestant.

Although Shelton, handed out the first block of the night, stopping Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine from gaining 17-year-old hopeful Britton Buchanan, fans seemed more upset during the second block of the night.

Singer, Justin Kilgore took the stage during the blind auditions and managed to get a four-chair turn, however, Alicia Keys blocked Shelton from his chance at courting the country artist onto his team.

“So upset with that block.. you know he wanted #TeamBlake #TheVoice @blakeshelton,” one fan wrote.

“Aww, poor Blake! #thevoice Block Blake,” another fan tweeted along with an emoji shedding a tear.

Kilgore ended up choosing Kelly Clarkson as his coach. Although the “American Idol” alum has some country credits under her belt, many of the aspiring artists in that genre tend to choose Shelton to guide them through the competition.

While one fan was happy with the premiere of the NBC series, they revealed the block feature was not a great addition to the show. “I am sooooo happy about the coaches this year!!!#TheVoice I DO NOT like the block! May be fun for the coaches, but sucks for the contestants! BLOCKS their opportunity to choose!!!!!”

Another fan empathized with the contestants, believing they would probably be disappointed if their role model turned around during the blind auditions, and they were not given the opportunity to work with the musician.

“Gotta agree with everyone else on Twitter. The ‘block’ hurts contestants. Imagine going thru countless interviews/auditions, you make it on stage singing your heart out & dreaming to work with a certain coach, then can’t pick them if they turn for you. #thevoice,” the individual tweeted.

Although fans are not completely on board with the block feature, it seems like they still intend on tuning in to root for the contestants, even though the artists are no longer guaranteed the opportunity to work with the coach of their dreams.

“The Voice” Season 14 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

Art Streiber/NBC
Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys are judges on “The Voice” Season 14. Art Streiber/NBC