It all comes down to Tuesday night on “The Voice” Season 8. After months of stellar performances and painful goodbyes, a winner will be anointed for the 2015 season in the final episode.

Out of a crop of hundreds of singers vying for the crown, Joshua Davis, Meghan Linsey, Koryn Hawthorne and Sawyer Fredericks emerged as finalists. Each took the stage for three songs Monday night to sing for the very last time as a contestant on "The Voice." After a season getting to know these performers, it’s finally time to pick a favorite while voting is still open.

Whatever any individual fan’s favorites might be, the reality is that the competition really feels like it’s between just two artists: Fredericks and Linsey. And as TV Line points out, Sawyer feels like the most likely candidate to take the crown in 2015.

Not only has Fredericks repeatedly been the first one sent to safety by America’s votes, host Carson Daly revealed that he’s consistently at the top of the iTunes charts every time he performs a new cover. When he went to his hometown of Fultonville, New York, on the show, we learned that he’ll sell out a local venue thanks to his die-hard fans. The 16-year-old folk singer has yet to meet his equal in the competition and, by this point, his ability to advance is all but a foregone conclusion. It would make sense for fans to continue this trend and move him as far as “The Voice” allows.

But three other singers, including one front-runner, may contest Fredericks’ win. Meghan is a masterful performer who has been working for many years to reach this point. Her performances always shine consistently brighter than all of the other artists, Sawyer's aside. Meghan, whom Billboard notes has a pretty impressive recording resume already, is also the only other member of the top four never to have to battle for supremacy in the live saves during eliminations. Koryn went up against India Carney just last week, and Joshua had to beat out Deanna Johnson and Rob Taylor to stay in the top eight.

Voting for "The Voice" finale is open until noon EDT, meaning fans hoping to break the apparent dead heat between Meghan and Sawyer will need to get cracking before the live announcement of “The Voice” Season 8 winner.

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