With “The Voice” Season 8 contestants whittled down to the top 4, Monday night's episode saw each performer take to the stage one last time in the hopes of capturing America’s votes. To help leave a lasting impression on viewers, each of the remaining artists debuted an original single and music video.

After tackling complicated covers and arranging them to sound like hits all season long, the contestants were finally given the chance to prove what they can do with some original work. The winner of the competition, which will be revealed tonight, must be prepared for the immense stardom that comes from winning the popular NBC competition. Writing and producing a single is a major part of that.

With voting still open until 12 p.m. EDT, below is a rundown of each of the artists first original music videos:

Koryn Hawthorne (Team Pharrell)

Song: “Bright Fire”

Pharrell Williams more than earned his status as a coach Monday night when he revealed he was giving away a song to his “The Voice” contestant. As he described it during last night’s final live performance rounds, he simply couldn’t get the song to sound right for him, but felt it was perfect for her style. The song is catchy and fun, but lacks the strong runs that the artist thrives on. Still, it’s hard to argue with an artist that can pull off a Pharrell Williams original.

Meghan Linsey (Team Blake)

Song: “Change My Mind”

Meghan is the season’s resident professional. She’s been a working musician for years before “The Voice” came into her life. As a result, her ability to write a song is impressive. “Change My Mind” blew her coach Blake Shelton away last night with the hard-hitting lyric: “You want me to change / baby I’ll change my mind.” The song captures her essence as a performer and demonstrates how serious she is about a singing career. If you like what you hear above, expect more from this talented artist in the event she wins.

Joshua Davis (Team Adam)

Song: “Workingman’s Hymn”

Joshua surprised everyone Monday night when he came out with his first original song “Workingman’s Hymn.” It was exactly the kind of soulful anthem-like music that the artist excels at. One thing that really shocked many of the coaches was its country influence. He’d been mostly a folk artist up to this point. The music video highlights the stagehands and camera operators that make things like “The Voice” happen.

Sawyer Fredericks (Team Pharrell)

Song: “Please”

Like Koryn, Sawyer didn’t write his own single. Instead, his favorite artist, Ray LaMontagne, wrote it specifically for him. While he didn’t necessarily prove that he’s ready for the longer career that follows “The Voice,” he did reveal his ability to use studio resources to produce something great. The 16-year-old musical prodigy has shown time and again that he’s got something special behind his humble smile and it’s looking more and more like that “something” is a gift for original music.

Tune in to “The Voice” Season 8 finale tonight at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.