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The WA Country Health Service is now investigating the breach of infection control procedure by an anaesthetist who treated 250 patients at hospitals across the state's north west.

Felicity Jefferies, medical director of WA Country Health Services said the concerns were raised about the infection control procedures of an anaesthetist at Port Hedland Hospital who worked at Nickol Bay hospital and Derby hospital.

Dr Jefferies said while the risk of infection for individual patients were extremely low, it was crucial to rule out any potential risk, no matter unlikely.

The anaesthetist who worked at the hospitals in WA's north west from 2008 to early April this year has been suspended while the investigation is in full swing.

Dr Jefferies said, We are actively reviewing all patient cases and contacting those who may be affected.

At the same time, Dr Jefferies reassures patients who have clinical procedures appointment at hospitals in north west of WA that they can have faith in the safety and reliability of care provided.

We adopt best practice infection control procedures and expect all practitioners to comply, said Dr Jefferies.

A hotline for concerned patients who have undergone an operation or procedure that required anaesthetics at Port Hedland, Nickol Bay or Derby hospitals had been set up.

For further assistance, please call 1800 020 080.