The Walking Dead Season 2 official launching date is in the fall but a teaser trailer of the second season has hit the web.

The clip features a lookalike of Rick Grimes in a sheriff’s uniform shooting to kill a zombie but the scene cuts before the bullet reaches the walker.

This has led some to believe that the series may be released earlier than expected.

This Walking Dead Season 2 teaser that is making the rounds online is very cool... but it's NOT a real teaser. Just letting people know, comic book creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman clarified on Twitter.

No official #TheWalkingDead Season 2 teaser is out yet, but there's a fun fan promo circulating on the web, added fellow executive producer Gale Ann Hurd, She signed off with a promising : See you at #SanDiegoComicCon!

AMC will be promoting The Walking Dead 2 at the SanDiego Comic Con. The stars of the show are expected to participate in a panel discussion on July 22. Actors Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal and Sarah Wayne Calies will attend.

Season two of the show will follow the characters who survived the CDC explosion moving away in their caravan to a different location.

The second chapter of the apocalypse-themed series consists of 13 episodes. The first season had only six.

The action will take place in a farm/ranch. There are at least three new characters who will be introduced. Actors Scott Wilson, Lauren Cohan and Pruiteet Taylor Vince will play Hershel, Maggie and Otis respectively

Regarding the set, executive producer Robert Kirkman recently said in an interview to movieweb that there will be more actions seen in the open and rural areas, the ruined city scenario will be left behind.. We're going out into the woods. We're gonna see a lot of rural roads and open fields see how bad things are as you get away from the city.” The shooting for the series started in June in Atlanata.

He also revealed that the series will not see the character of Shane played by Jon Bernthal being killed any time soon, unlike in the comic where he is shot dead by Rick’s son Carl early on in the narrative.

Kirkman said killing him off at this stage was not conducive to the TV story. According to him, Shane was an important part of the alternate dimension of the TV show and made things happen.

“And after getting to know Jon Bernthal and see his portrayal of Shane, it's not an easy decision. He's past his expiration date by comic book standards, but Shane is by no means rotten. I think he's remaining fresh for a while. We'll see,” he added.