• There will be more deaths in "The Walking Dead" Season 10
  • A preview video teases one of these deaths
  • Alpha may kill Michonne

A new teaser trailer of “The Walking Dead” Season 10 has been released online, and the video hints at another major death when the show returns. The mid-season finale ended with some of the heroes trapped in a cave full of zombies with little hope of escape.

The new promo teases Alpha (Samantha Morton) asking someone to see “beyond the darkness” and “into the light.” The dialogue appears to be featured in the scene just before the death of a major character.

Who is going to die in the next half of Season 10? The promo shows Judith (Cailey Fleming) looking devastated and in tears. Will Alpha kill Michonne (Danai Gurira)?

Michonne’s exit from the series hasn’t exactly been a secret. It remains to be seen if the character will leave the show like Rick (Andrew Lincoln) with a potential to return sometime in the future, or if she will be killed.

The plot of the next part of “The Walking Dead” Season 10 will be about the Whisperer War, TV Line reported. All the communities will have to come together and “sacrifice all they have” in order to win this war or face “certain doom” at the hands of Alpha.

In a preview of things to come, executive producer Angela Kang teased that the truce the two sides have had so far has never really been a truce, and now that the borders have been crossed, it will all come to a head. There was a Cold War between the two sides, but that will turn into a hot war. Mortan said that there will be an increasing sense of fear, suspense and anxiety on the show. The preview shows some of the action sequences in this fight.

“The Walking Dead” Season 10, episode 9 will air on Feb. 23 at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.

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Michonne will leave in "The Walking Dead" Season 10. The Walking Dead/Facebook