Will Maggie return in “The Walking Dead” Season 10? Although the character appeared to have left the show for good recently, Lauren Cohan teased the possibility of her reprising her role in a recent interview.

In a recent phone interview with Collider, Cohan said that she is not done with her character Maggie in “The Walking Dead” TV series. “I feel really, really lucky ‘cause, rest assured, the Maggie story is not finished,” she said.

Cohan has joined the new TV series “Whiskey Cavalier,” and the hectic filming schedule may have been one of the factors why she left the zombie series. However, the actress appears to be ready to come back to the show some time in the future, and she finds this possibility “very exciting.”

There were many changes in “The Walking Dead” Season 9. From the time jumps, deaths of major characters, to the changes in the weather; there was a fundamental shift in the TV series. The cast members too had to go through a lot of changes for the next season.

In an interview with the “Talking Dead” show, Cohan joked that the cast members had a lot of fun growing their hair for Season 9. Some of the other cast members who had to grow their hair joked about how the long hair affected them on the set.

The biggest change in “The Walking Dead” TV series is that it has a new showrunner. Angela Kang was at the helm for Season 9, and she will continue to head the show going forward. The producer showed the fans their new offices in a video that was released online.

The writers of the show are currently busy working on “The Walking Dead” Season 10. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date, but the show is set to return some time later this year.