The gritty and intense TV series “The Walking Dead” is back for season 2, which will start on Oct. 16 on channel AMC and run for 13 episodes. It premiered its trailer at the 2011 Comic-Con.

The successful season one of the series kicked off protagonist sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes waking up from coma to a post-apocalyptic world overrun with “walkers.”

He eventually heads to Atlanta, finds his family with a small group of survivors, and assumes leadership of the group.

In season two, the group must get out of Atlanta, a task that’s perhaps even more herculean and tense than getting there in season one.

The trailer video starts with a frantic Shane Walsh running away from walkers. When he trips and falls, he screams and desperately opens fire on them. The trailer then cuts to a scene of the group’s exodus out of Atlanta via a van on the highway.

However, they encounter a huge blockage of cars, an army of walkers, and were forced to hide under the cars.

The immense pressure of the dire journey is also tearing the group apart. Shane Walsh was threatening to leave and T-Dog challenged Dale Horvath to a fight.