“The Walking Dead” cast and crew are back to filming season four of the hit AMC zombie series after spending the weekend at San Diego’s Comic-Con. Previously spotted in an old Wal-Mart/ Winn Dixie store parking lot and Yates power plant, fans of the show have now uncovered filming going on at a military reservation – Fort Benning to be exact.

According to the “Walking Dead” Wiki page, Fort Benning is a U.S. Army base camp located approximately 125 miles away from Atlanta, Georgia. Viewers will remember that Shane initially wanted to head to Fort Benning, but instead the group of survivors decided to seek shelter at the CDC. When the group ended up fleeing the CDC they decided to head for Fort Benning … but got sidetracked when Sophia disappeared.

Seeking refuge on Hershel’s farm, a couple other survivors that Rick’s group ran into claimed that the Fort was overrun with walkers – however they never checked out the situation for themselves. With the the new season four trailer showing the prison in jeopardy, could Fort Benning be the next stop?

That’s what it’s looking like! A photo posted on the “Spoiling The Dead” Facebook page shows a white tent surrounded by people. Reportedly actors and crew members, the photo is taken too far away to make out anyone specific, however it is very clear that that a group of them are surrounding a helicopter.

A helicopter has been seen in the past three seasons of “The Walking Dead.” In season one Rick spotted one while in Atlanta, in season two a helicopter ended up sending a herd of zombies towards Hershel’s farm, and in season three Michonne and Andrea watched a helicopter crash into the woods. The Governor ended up killing the men in the helicopter (dead and alive), and later sought out the rest of the helicopter’s party and slaughtered them as well.

Many fans are speculating that while they are filming at Fort Benning, the name will be changed due to characters previously claiming it to be overrun. However it’s also possible that the survivors who told Rick’s group that it was overrun could also be lying. Another option is that it was cleared out in a similar way that the prison was cleared out.

Some believe that the season four trailer hints at a trek to Fort Benning. This theory stems from a shot of Michonne looking at a map and pointing to Macon, which is kind of a halfway point between Atlanta and Fort Benning (but a little out of the way). It’s also important to consider that Macon is the home of Fort Benjamin Hawkins

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