Eugene Porter Eugene Porter in episode 11 of "The Walking Dead." Photo: Gene Page/AMC

It’s time to break out “The Walking Dead” comics. The AMC series aired its 10th episode of season 4 on Sunday, Feb. 16 and not only cleared up the fate of the separated prison survivors but also introduced three new characters.

So who are the three new characters in questions? None other than comic book favorites Sgt. Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa and Dr. Eugene Porter.

The three new faces appeared within the final moments of episode 10, “Inmates,” when Glenn and Tara were fighting off a couple of walkers on the road. The unlikely pair had just made it out of the prison grounds when they found themselves facing a couple of zombies who followed them. Glenn, who is recovering from an illness, managed to take down a couple of walkers before collapsing. Tara stepped up to the plate to finish off the last zombie and looked up to find that she had an audience. The occupants, cursing at the mysterious people watching from a large truck, got out and confronted her.

“You got a damn mouth on you, you know that?” a tall red-haired man says alongside his two companions. “What else you got on you?”

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Are the three newcomers going to rob or harm Glenn and Tara? Or did the two prison survivors just find a new group to join? Fans will have to wait until episode 11 to find out, but for those unfamiliar with the graphic novel series we’re breaking down information on “The Walking Dead” newbies. But it’s important to remember that the TV series doesn’t always follow the comic books.

Dr. Eugene Porter (portrayed by Josh McDermitt)

In the graphic novels, Dr. Eugene Porter is an “out-of-shape” science teacher in his early 40s to 50s. He manages to convince other survivors that he was a government scientist working on a “project to weaponize the human genome.”  He claims to know the origins of the zombie outbreak but refuses to tell anyone because it’s “classified.” To stay protected by others, he comes up with a fake mission to Washington, D.C. But his fake cover is blown when his top secret government radio is discovered to be a fake.

Sgt. Abraham Ford (portrayed by Michael Cudlitz)

Before the zombie outbreak, Abraham Ford was a sergeant in the U.S. Army and a sports coach. After losing his ex-wife and two children to walkers, he eventually comes across Dr. Eugene Porter and Rosita. He forms a group with the two and agrees to escort Dr. Porter to Washington. Along the way, the trio runs into Rick’s group of survivors at Hershel’s farm, and they band together to travel to a new safe haven.

Rosita Espinosa (portrayed by Christian Serratos)

Rosita Espinosa not only traveled with Dr. Porter and Sgt. Ford but also developed a romantic relationship with Ford. Before meeting the pair, Rosita had reported to “pleasuring men she met in return for protection.” But Sgt. Ford didn’t expect anything from her. Instead he showed her kindness and protected her while asking nothing in return.

According to Abraham’s Michael Cudlitz, fans of the graphic novels will find that his TV character’s background is “almost exactly as it was from the comic book.”

“When we meet Abraham, one of the things that we realize most about him is that he’s very mission-oriented at this point,” Cudlitz explained to TV Guide. “You’re not going to learn a lot about how he emotionally feels about things necessarily. He’s very reactive. He keeps his eye on the target. He’s not to be f----d with. He will kill you.”

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