“Walking Dead” fans spent the past couple months biting their nails over the fate of baby Judith, the daughter of Lori and (potentially) Rick. The AMC series returned on Sunday, Feb. 9 with its midseason premiere, but viewers didn’t learn any information about the infant -- instead they watched as Rick and Carl mourned their loss in separate ways. All the mystery surrounding baby Judith was solved in episode 10 on Feb. 16.

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For those that missed out, Judith went missing at the end of the midseason finale during the chaos of the Governor’s attack on the prison. While she was supposed to be safely inside the cell block, Lizzie and her sister Mika ended up taking Judith, her diaper bag and carrier straight into the line of fire. Unfortunately, the kids didn’t tell anyone that they took the baby, which caused Beth to get separated from Maggie and the others when she went inside to look for the child. Beth was forced to flee the ground with Daryl before finding Judith, and a beat up Rick returned to find Carl … and a bloody and empty baby carrier.

Fans of “The Walking Dead” hoped that Lizzie and Mika had the baby, but the amount of blood in the seat was disheartening. Rick and Carl assumed Judith was dead, but episode 10, “Inmates,” revealed the truth: She’s alive and well!

Episode 10 caught up with the separated prison groups: Beth and Daryl; Sasha, Maggie and Bob; Glenn and Tara; and Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and Judith. “Inmates” showed viewers that Tyreese managed to catch up with Lizzie and Mika after they saved him from getting shot in the head. And, while Lizzie and Mika didn’t have the baby, fans let out a yell of excitement when Tyreese turned around to reveal that he had Judith in his arms. Judith managed to escape unscratched and a wound on Tyreese’s arm is likely how all the blood ended up in the carrier.

Judith’s big reveal was a shock for fans, especially since “The Walking Dead” comic books tell a different story. In the graphic novels, Judith was killed during Woodbury’s attack on the prison when Lori was shot by Lilly, and fell on top of her. Lilly ended up feeling remorse for causing Judith’s death and killed the Governor for it.

The AMC series switched up the story a little bit, having Lori die during childbirth and letting Judith survive. Lilly did end up shooting the Governor on the TV show, but only after he shot an already dead Megan in the head and continued a deadly and unnecessary war on the prison. Tara revealed in episode 10 that her sister Lilly died shortly after killing the Governor when she became overpowered by walkers.

While Judith may still be alive, “Inmates” showed viewers that having a crying baby in the middle of zombie infested woods isn’t the best situation. Struggling to deal with Judith’s crying, Lizzie almost suffocated the baby, putting her hand firmly over her mouth in order to stifle the yelling. Fortunately, Carol showed up to help the girls and Tyreese, and together the group moved forward to “Terminus,” a sanctuary for all.

With Judith’s fate revealed, the question that remains now is whether Carl and Rick will ever be reunited with her, and if she’ll be able to survive within Terminus. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on the baby Judith situation in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.