Walking Dead season 4 finale spoilers
What will happen during the Season 4 finale of "Walking Dead"? Walking Dead

“The Walking Dead” airs its Season 4 finale on Sunday, and you better believe we’ll be watching — especially after episode 15’s eerie ending. During the final scene of “Us,” we saw Glenn, Maggie and the rest of their group make their way to the sanctuary called Terminus. The tired gang was greeted by a woman named Mary, and from that moment on we haven’t been able to get her distrustful face out of our minds.

And we’re not the only ones feeling a little iffy about this so-called haven. During “The Talking Dead,” a whopping number of voters decided that Terminus is too good to be true, predicting the refuge is “worse than Woodbury.” Now, that says a lot.

We’ve heard theories of what’s lurking behind Terminus’ unlocked gates. But even without hearing those rumors, we’d still feel uneasy about the sanctuary thanks to the alarming sneak peeks leaked online. The Season 4 finale is said to be “very ambitious,” which means something big is about to go down in episode 16, “A.” But what?

Here’s what we learned from the sneak peeks:

In sneak peek No. 1 we see Rick, Michonne and Carl walking throughout the woods to Terminus.

"When we get there, are we going to tell them?" asks Carl.

"Tell 'em what?" says Michonne.

"Everything that's happened to us. All the stuff we've done. Are we gonna tell 'em the truth?"

“We’re going to tell them who we are,” Rick replies.

“But, how do you say that?” Carl questions. “I mean, who are we?”

Deep, Carl. Real deep. We’ve watched the remaining survivors of the zombie apocalypse change completely from the people they once were. Even young Carl, who was once seen as innocent, has raised his gun, killing several humans —including some who weren't threatening. But in episode 16, we’ll watch the cowboy-hatted boy prove he still has pre-apocalypse morals when he races to a person in need.

In sneak peek No. 2 we watch Rick try to teach his son how to hunt for food. During his lesson, the group hears a cry in the distance. While Rick pulls out his gun and Michonne raises her weapon, Carl sprints off to the alarming sound, not thinking twice.

Rick calls after his son, but Carl has already taken off. As Carl runs toward the noise we can hear the moans of a walker. Oh, no. What did Carl just get himself into? Whatever it is, we know they survive, seeing that the promo for the Season 4 finale shows the three making their way into the creepy Terminus.

Who do you think is calling for help? Could it be someone they know? The season finale of "The Walking Dead" will air on AMC on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT. Let us know your predictions in the comments section below.