Walking Dead
The Alexandria survivors must make a trade with the Saviors in episode 13 of "The Walking Dead" Season 6. Gene Page/ AMC

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his group of Alexandria survivors were happily celebrating their victory after killing what appeared to be all the Saviors in episode 12 of “The Walking Dead.” However, as fans learned at the end of last Sunday’s installment, Rick and the others didn’t take into account that some of the Saviors might not be inside the walls of the compound.

Episode 13, titled “The Same Boat,” kicks off where viewers left off, with a few members of the Saviors holding Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Carol (Melissa McBride) hostage. The camera is now from their perspective as they radio for Rick to release Primo (Jimmy Gonzalas), the man he has at gunpoint. Rick’s willing to make a trade for Maggie and Carol, and even offers to spare their lives. However, Paula [Alicia Witt], the woman who has them captive, doesn’t think two for one is a fair trade. Unfortunately for them, they don’t have the manpower or weapons to take down Rick’s crew. But killing Carol and Maggie isn’t an option right now, especially since they need Primo to patch up Paula’s partner, Donnie, who was shot in the arm by Carol.

Paula makes the executive decision to bring Maggie and Carol back to a warehouse while they wait for more of their men to arrive. The two women are alive for now, but that doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way. Paula has her crew tie them up, and warns them that she’ll kill them if they try to pull anything. Maggie and Carol are smart enough not to toy with their captors; however, Carol still has something up her sleeves. She pretends to be scared and weak, hyperventilating so that she can get Paula’s crew to hand her rosary beads she managed to snag off of a walker. She also reveals that Maggie is pregnant, and begs them not to harm the baby.

But will that be enough to save Maggie? Paula’s not that impressed that Maggie is with child. In fact, she thinks she’s stupid for getting knocked up during the zombie apocalypse. Despite her feelings, she still forces one of her companions, Molly, to put out her cigarette. However, Maggie and Carol are running out of time. Paula reveals that the scout crew is approximately 30 minutes out.

The Saviors want to wait until their scout crew arrives in order to make a decision about the Alexandria survivors. The only problem is that Donnie doesn’t have 30 minutes to wait. He’s losing a lot of blood and needs medical attention or he’ll die. He wants to shoot Maggie and Carol if they’re not going to make the trade for Primo, and strikes Paula when she refuses to do so.

Carol and Maggie leap into action when Paula gets struck. Even though they’re tied up, Maggie manages to head-butt Donnie, and Carol gets him on the ground. However, that proves to be a mistake for Carol, who gets kicked repeatedly in the stomach by him.

Walking Dead
The Saviors hold Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Carol (Melissa McBride) hostage in a walker-infested warehouse in episode 13 of "The Walking Dead" Season 6. Gene Page/ AMC

Paula manages to break up the situation, but she now knows what the two women are capable of. She makes ones of her accomplices take Maggie into a separate room for questioning.

Of course, the Saviors want to know who Maggie’s group is. They’ve never encountered them before, yet Maggie’s people busted into their compound and killed most of their men in the middle of the night.

The woman encourages Maggie to speak, telling her that her people are not the good guys in the situation. But Maggie’s not exactly willing to become a “Chatty Cathy.”

As the woman confesses to Maggie that she got one of her fingers cut off after stealing gas to search for her boyfriend’s body, Carol starts telling Paula and Molly the reason for the attack.

It turns out that the woman’s boyfriend was one of the men who ambushed Daryl (Norman Reedus), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) on the road. Carol explains that her people didn’t want to kill them, and that they were simply defending themselves. She continues that they decided to attack after they heard about Negan, who sounded like a “maniac.”

And that’s when Molly reveals a startling truth to Carol.

“Oh sweetie, we are all Negan,” she tells her. But what exactly does that mean?

That's not the only information that Carol gets, she also learns more about Paula. Her captor reveals that she was in D.C. when the outbreak happened. The city evacuated the important people first, and she got stuck staying behind with her boss instead of being with her husband and children. She tells Carol that her boss was the first person she killed so that she could live. She stopped counting the people she murdered when she hit double digits.

“I lost everything,” she continues, believing Carol to be weak and pathetic. “It made me stronger.”

What Paula doesn’t know is that Carol is just like her. The only problem is that Carol is having second thoughts about killing people.

In a surprise move, Paula radios Rick to make the trade in 10 minutes. However, when she discovers that the static on the radio has ceased, she begins to panic. The lack of static means that Rick’s group must be nearby. Afraid that they’re planning on ambushing them, Paula decides to return to their original plan of waiting for the scout crew to arrive.

Paula leaves Carol alone with Donnie, who is now unconscious due to his injury. Carol takes the opportunity to use the cross on her rosary beads to saw out of the tape binding her hands. She seeks out Maggie to make their escape before the other Saviors arrive, but Maggie doesn’t want to go. She wants them to finish the job and kill whatever Saviors are left.

Using the limited supplies that they have, Maggie and Carol tie Donnie to a post. When Molly comes in to check on Carol she’s bitten by Donnie, who died and turned into a walker due to the gunshot wound. Maggie finishes the job, bashing Molly’s head in before fleeing the room.

Paula discovers Molly and Donnie dead and immediately draws her weapon. She fires away at Maggie and Carol, but Carol encourages Paula to run. Meanwhile, Maggie is in Carol’s ear yelling for her to shoot Paula. As Carol hesitates, Paula’s last remaining accomplice comes up and attacks Maggie from behind. She slices Maggie’s shirt, but Carol shoots her in the head before she can hurt the expectant mother.

A loose walker causes Carol to accidentally shoot Paula in the arm, and Paula attempts to attack her one last time. However, Carol has the upper hand and a stick set up as a trap for zombies impales Paula. She dies a painful death as a walker chomps down on her face.

Paula and her people are now dead, but that doesn’t mean Carol and Maggie can leave. Maggie wants to take care of the scout crew as well. They use the radio to trick them into entering a room called the “kill floor.” Once inside, Maggie and Carol light the room on fire and lock them inside.

With all the Saviors presumably dead, Carol and Maggie finally make their way outside and find Rick’s group. Maggie’s reunited with Glenn, and Daryl embraces Carol as she confesses that she’s not OK.

But what about Primo? Now that his friends are all dead, Rick asks which one of the men they killed was Negan.

“I’m Negan, s--- head,” Primo responds.

And unfortunately for him that’s the wrong answer.

“I’m sorry it had to come to this,” Rick responds, shooting him in the head.

They think that they took care of Negan, but “Walking Dead” fans know that that’s not the case.