Walking Dead
Actors Emily Kinney (left) and Norman Reedus, pictured here at the Season 4 premiere of "The Walking Dead," recently had to crush rumors that they'd started dating. Getty

Sorry, “Walking Dead” fans, but the off-screen romance that you wanted simply isn’t happening. After rumors circulated online that current star Norman Reedus and former star Emily Kinney were dating, the actor has come forward to shut down the whole idea.

After their intense Season 4 story arc, where their characters, Daryl Dixon and Beth Green, got really comfortable with one another, many fans were hoping that the two would get together. Unfortunately, [SPOILER ALERT] those hopes were dashed when the season ended with Beth’s sudden and violent murder. However, because both actors still live in New York, they maintained a close friendship that a source from Us Weekly claimed turned romantic in recent weeks.

Unfortunately, for those who shipped Daryl and Beth, a representative for the actor finally put those rumors to bed on Wednesday, saying they’re completely false.

“We can confirm that they are not dating,” the rep told MTV News.

That’s right, the 46-year-old father and the 29-year-old singer are just platonic friends -- no romance whatsoever. It makes sense given the fact that they only get to hang out once in a while because of Reedus’ filming schedule and Kinney’s music tour. While the statement from the representative squashed the rumors, Reedus wasn’t done having fun with the idea that people thought his friendship with Kinney had turned to romance.

The actor took to Twitter, where he posted a shot of him sipping a beer with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger at the CMT Music Awards last week. The caption for the photo read: “new couple alert.”

While Kinney is no longer a part of the hit AMC zombie drama, Reedus is currently working on Season 6 of the show. Fans will be able to see their favorite crossbow-wielding bad boy at it again sometime this fall.

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