Walmart has removed a section of plus-size Halloween apparel labeled "Fat Girl Costumes" after a Jezebel article and a handful of complaints brought attention to the phrasing. A Walmart spokesman apologized and said the company was investigating what happened, but did not offer an explanation.

"This never should have been on our site," the spokesperson told Mashable. "It is unacceptable, and we apologize. We are working to remove it as soon as possible and ensure this never happens again."

The "Fat Girl Costumes" label applied to all of Walmart's plus-size adult costumes for women, with more than 20 pages of Halloween garb, including gothic vampires and Olympic goddesses. The offensive labeling was first pointed out last Tuesday by a Twitter user. The link cited in the tweet as the "Fat Girl Costumes" page on the Walmart website now redirects users to a “Women’s Plus-Size Halloween Costumes” page. "Your comments and suggestions are important to us and help make Walmart even better. Thank you. -Nao," a post in response on Walmart's Twitter account read.

It's unclear if the "Fat Girl Costumes" was taken down and put back up, or was left up for the past week. Jezebel noted the description of some of the costumes, including a longer description on a Marie Antoinette costume, have typos and are featured on other websites with Halloween costumes, meaning the "Fat Girl Costumes" debacle could be the work of someone outside Walmart.

"I bet she's regretting that crack about letting them eat cake by now. The Women's Ghost Marie Antoinette Costume is a quality costume. There aren't very many costumes of the Dauphin of France floating around, and even less where she's a ghost. Spirits that used to be royalty must be the worst," reads the Marie Antoinette costume description.