Warner Bros. plans to produce 10 movies for HBO Max for release in 2022. WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar made the announcement Thursday during AT&T’s second-quarter earnings call.

WarnerMedia is owned by AT&T and is also pending a merger with Discovery Inc.

“The motion picture format absolutely matters, and it matters in a number of ways, it matters in theaters ...They also matter at home and, absolutely, in terms of the response that we’ve gotten not just from that title but from all of our days in day titles. We feel very good about the response that consumers have given it in the home,” Kilar said.

HBO Max has seen a 2.8 million jump in U.S subscribers from the first quarter to reach 47 million. HBO Max has 67.5 million total subscribers.

“In terms of where things go in the future, I think it’s fair to say that, and I’ve said this before publicly, I certainly don’t anticipate us going back to the way the world was in 2015 or 2016 or 2017, where windows were quite lengthy between theatrical and home exhibition whether it was an a la carte transaction or something else,” Kilar said.

Starting in 2022, Warner's theatrical releases will exclusively run in cinemas for 45 days and films made for HBO Max will only be running at select theaters for a select period of time, while only being offered through the subscription.