A video of The Warriors of Goja, er, 'performing' as contestants on Adhurs: The Ulimate Talent Show has gone viral, to the shocked amusement of viewers who can stand to watch these men chew glass, smash bricks and cement blocks into each other's skulls, and run each over with cars.

The judges of the South Indian televised talent show appear absolutely terrified throughout the performance, which gets more and more dangerous as it progresses.

But -- spoiler alert! -- no one dies or even appears to be seriously injured. The bloodied Warriors of Goja were rewarded with 300,000 rupees for their efforts, which is the equivalent of about $5,800 USD.

At least one Sikh blogger (who claims the Warriors of Goja are also Sikhs) is less than amused by the display.

...what is painfully clear to me is that this performance of chest-beating (literally), hypermasculine Sardars acting like a bunch of baffoons as they pound themselves into bloodiness is simply a more blatant, egregious version of how Indian popular culture has represented Sikhs for as long as most of us can remember, blogger brooklynwalla posted on TheLangarHall.com.

Is this the kind of Sikh bravery and courage we want to show the world? Is this Guru Gobind Singh's legacy? Or is this a bunch of clowns looking trying to make a quick buck and get their five minutes of fame by perpetuating stereotypes about Sikhs being violent and blood-thirsty on the one hand, and idiotic buffoons on the other.

Decide for yourself (if you can handle it):

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