There is, as yet, no exact knowledge of what happened behind the scenes at the birth of American pop singer Beyonce Knowles' daughter. However, there are certainly several rumors flying about.

The biggest, probably, such rumor suggests the singer was never really pregnant. Sources are now saying the baby was born via a surrogate. The reason, it seems, was Beyonce did not want to ruin her body going through the whole process of pregnancy and delivery.

Meanwhile, a report on suggests that has details on the woman believed to be a surrogate. Incidentally, the rumored surrogate is not American.

According to the report, the unnamed surrogate does not speak English. Her native language is either Spanish or Portuguese and she has a daughter of her own, who is around 3 years old. The woman, who is in her late 20s, is apparently attractive and has thick brown hair.

The report further says the woman currently resides in lower Manhattan, where she has a full-time nurse and doctor taking care of her. The accommodation is paid for by Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z., which claims these facts were investigated by them and found to be true, says the surrogate mother, when spotted by the Web site (or their source) appeared to be 8 months pregnant and her baby bump appeared to be much larger than that Beyonce sported in the last month of her pregnancy.

Another Web site,, claims the surrogate's name is Ingrid Jackson and that she was also admitted to the maternity ward at Lenox Hill Hospital, in New York City, on Saturday morning. Apparently, Beyonce herself checked into the hospital under that name on Friday night, which could be an attempt to hide the truth. The report further says, according to New York Daily News, a hospital source confirmed Jackson gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Saturday afternoon.

There are various mysteries surrounding the birth of little Blue Ivy Carter, including why the singer couple paid the hospital staff to keep quiet about the pregnancy.

The baby is the first for Beyonce and the second for Jay-Z. He has a son - Isa Jael, 9, - who lives with his mother, former video model Shenelle Scott on Trinidad.