This picture shows an unnamed new-born male giraffe (left) with his half-brother Dave at the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago, July 3, 2013. REUTERS/Jim Young

Animal Adventure Park slammed rumors that April the giraffe’s pregnancy was a shame. The zoo took to Facebook Wednesday, where they updated fans on April’s condition and also shut down gossip about the giraffe’s pregnancy being “fake news.” For proof, they posted a picture of April’s enlarged udders, which would only be that large if she were expecting a calf.

“Today's photo is of the udder, to show mammary development. For any hoaxers or #Fakenews stories questioning April and the pregnancy — a quick biology lesson — animals do not develop milk unless supporting a pregnancy,” the zoo wrote to its 1 million followers. “Furthermore — giraffes do not develop large udders like cattle etc, so to see this much development truly suggests calving in the near future.”

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The park admitted they anticipated April to give birth much sooner. “Patience is a virtue! Remember, the Giraffe Cam was not set-up to capture an immediate birth — it was set-up to capture a process. Mind you, we did expect a calf sooner than this - but that is all part of the journey!” they said.

For the fun fact of the day, the zoo talked about giraffes and their milk. “There was chatter at the beginning of the year about giraffe milk as a Super Food. We don't know about that but what we can cite is; a study in 1962 (yes it's old) showed that many vitamin levels in giraffe’s milk were the same as those in cow’s milk, but the levels of vitamin A, vitamin B12 and nicotinic acid were all higher in giraffe milk,” the park wrote. “Meanwhile, giraffe milk is much higher in fat than cow’s milk – 12.5 percent compared to 3.5 percent. All that fat might sound like a turnoff, but recent research has shown that higher levels of dairy fat can also lead to a lower risk of diabetes.”

April’s due date was not revealed by the zoo. She could give birth at any moment. Click here to watch the live stream footage.

April the giraffe is not yet giving birth even though thousands are waiting to watch in on live stream. Getty Images

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