Vampire Diaries Damon and Elena videos
Damon and Elena have had quite a few memorable scenes on “The Vampire Diaries,” and they are guaranteed to have a few more in the series finale. The CW

“Vampire Diaries” is coming to an end, but fans still have one epic reunion to watch first: Damon and Elena. The fan favorite couple will reunite in Friday’s series finale when Elena finally wakes up from Kai’s spell. To celebrate the happy reunion, we’re collecting some of our top Damon and Elena moments.

Miss Mystic Falls Dance: It’s hard to talk about Delena without mentioning this moment. At the end of Season 1, this was the first time that many fans felt the sparks between Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev).

“I Like You Now”: While Damon was dying from werewolf venom, he told Elena that she should’ve met him as a human. She would’ve liked him better. Elena promises she likes Damon just the way he is and kisses him to prove it.

The Motel Kiss: This wasn’t Katherine. This wasn’t motivated by a near death experience. This was all Elena’s choice as she passionately kissed Damon at a motel. Everything from the longing glances to the Florence + the Machine soundtrack make this a perfect kiss.

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Damon Accepting Vampire Elena: Elena changed when she joined the undead, and her friends weren’t thrilled about it. Damon, however, said he’d never seen her more alive. The two shared an impromptu dance and a steamy sex scene. Unfortunately, it’s also when her friends realized Elena was sired to Damon.

Damon Saying “I Love You”: This “Vampire Diaries” moment is a heartbreaker. Damon finally declared his love for Elena, but he couldn’t let her remember that. He compelled her to forget his whole romantic speech.

The Delena Rain Kiss: The writers finally gave fans what they had been asking for on Twitter before Dobrev left the show. Damon and Elena got their kiss in the rain, and Damon promised that they’d be in love for eternity.

The Goodbye: Elena and Damon will reunite in the “Vampire Diaries” series finale, but this was the perfect goodbye for the couple. They shared one last dance and a kiss.

Hopefully, “Vampire Diaries” fans will have a few new moments to add to their list of favorites after the finale. When Elena wakes up, she’ll reunite with Damon, but he might not be totally prepared for her early homecoming. He thought he’d have more time to work on his redemption.

“Seeing her right right now in the present is shocking and probably a little bit of a concern for him that he’s not quite there, that he’s not quite ready for her yet,” showrunner Julie Plec teased to TV Guide.

The “Vampire Diaries” series finale airs Friday at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.