Shocking surveillance video footage was released Thursday by police in Austin, Texas, that showed a car plummeting seven stories from a parking garage nose-first into a sports utility vehicle. The driver of the falling car survived but suffered serious injuries, while the SUV driver was not hurt and had limited car damage.

After impact with the ground, the car flipped over. Five bystanders and construction workers jumped on the scene to help rescue the victim. 

Videos of the scene, which contains no audio, have received a great deal attention on YouTube and social media.

Christi Bowmer, 49, of Austin, was parking her 328i BMW convertible on the weekday morning of July 13, when it accelerated instead of stopping and proceeded to rip through retention wires and into a building across the alley.

Austin-Travis County EMS medics arrived at the scene to transport Bowmer to Dell Seton Medical Center. She suffered two life-threatening arterial hemorrhages, and also sustained a broken back, leg, ankle and sternum. Bowmer, who said she believed she was going to die, credited the five men for saving her life before the paramedics arrived.

"It was just so horrific and the good Samaritans that came out and pulled me out of my car... if they hadn’t pulled me out of my car the medical team told me that I would not have made it. I would have bled out right there," Bowmer told KXAN, an NBC affiliate in Austin. 

It was the second time in the last 11 months that a car fell several stories from the parking lot. The owner has stated that there are plans to add barriers between the cars and the cables. Bowmer is suing the parking lot.

“I realized that, 'Hey, there’s no barrier. There’s just four wires here.' My foot slipped off the brake and I just went straight through those wires and hit the wall on the other side. And then I hit a gas line on the way down and just went seven stories," Bowmer said.

The other driver, William Burch, was driving a Chevrolet Tahoe, and had finished executing a U-turn. The falling BMW clipped the Tahoe, and Burch was able to leave the scene with no injuries and only minor damage to his car.

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"I was turning around in that little service delivery area. As I was backing out towards the dumpster, I heard something, because I had my window down...I heard all these loud noises and bangs," Burch told local KVUE, an ABC affiliate in Austin. 

"I just immediately just put it in drive and started driving forward and as I started driving forward, the car landed on me."

William O'Connor, the then-23-year-old driver of a similar accident at the garage, had driven his Toyota 4Runner through the tension wires off the ninth floor in September, leaving him dangling for an hour as the wires wrapped around the car's wheels, according to local reports.

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