CNN reporter Drew Griffin and his crew saved the life of a man who tried to drive his truck into 12 feet of water at a Beaumont, Texas ravine Wednesday morning, according to CNN Wednesday.

Griffin and his team saw the man, Jerry Sumrall of Winnie, Texas, drive his truck into the flooded ravine, thinking it was a road. They stopped their newscast and used a rope to pull the man to safety. The man’s truck was immediately rushed away by flood waters caused by Hurricane Harvey, a tropical storm that has devastated parts of Texas the last few days.

“Lord have mercy, this is too much of a time for you to be interviewed right now,” Griffin said. He walked Sumrall back towards safety before continuing his coverage with host John Berman.

“John, this literally just happened. There was no time to call 911,” Griffin said. “That’s his truck right behind me,” he added, with Sumrall’s truck visible in the frame.

Sumrall reappeared on camera, where Griffin told him, “No profanities, it’s live TV,” before speaking to him about the experience.

“I want to take these guys for saving my life,” Sumrall said.

Sumrall told Griffin he was from Winnie, Texas, a town that was greatly affected by the rain. He was attempting to drive to the Interstate 10 access road when he drove his truck into the ravine. Griffin explained that what looked like a street was actually a drainage ditch overrun with water. Sumrall was in the Jack in the Box parking lot and he tried to drive on what he thought was a road covered in water.

“Oh lord, well, just take a breath. Get some water. I just can’t believe that just happened John, I don’t know what to tell you,” Griffin said. “The guy’s truck just floated away. This is why they don’t want you driving around. I was trying to dial 911, knowing that there was no way they were going to get here in time.”

“Fortunately we had a rope, the man was able to swim out of the front seat of his truck,” Griffin added. “He’s still alive. That’s how quickly things happen. Please, stay indoors. You just got to survive this storm for the next hour or so.”

After Griffin’s report, anchor John Berman took to Twitter to summarize what happened.

“To recap what just happened…@DrewGriffin CNN was seconds away from being our 1st reporter at 9 [am] when his team saw a truck drive into the water streaming behind him. So @DrewGriffinCNN and his team, ditched the liveshot, grabbed a rope, and pulled the man from his truck. Then @DrewGriffinCNN walked back to the camera and told us what happened. And then behind @DrewGriffin CNN….the truck from which he pulled a man…..drifted away. Holy crap.”