A man in Arkansas was disgusted and horrified after he found a dead rat inside his Red Bull can. A video shared on social media shows the can being cut in half with a pair of scissors to reveal what appears to be a dead mouse in it.

According to Josh Henley, he bought the energy drink can from a gas station Sunday night. The man said he drinks Red Bull energy drink all the time but had never experienced something like this.

"I don't know if it's factory or what but there's a dead rat in here," Henley said in the video as he opened the can. Henley reportedly said he didn't finish the drink when he opened it first. After consuming half the drink he left the can in his car overnight and when he went to pour the drink out the next day, he felt something hit the top.

"When I emptied it out, I heard that thud, I was like 'what is that?!', and I said 'oh my God' so I said 'I gotta film it 'cuz nobody's gonna believe it', so, I cut it open and my God, it's a big ol' mouse in there," he said.

While Henley said it was not possible the rodent got inside the can when he left it in the car overnight, many people on social media said it was the highest possibility.

The video, which was shared Sunday, went viral and was viewed more than 100,000 times and counting. It was first shared by Henley on Facebook.

Some social media users also raised doubts about the legitimacy of the video.

Joshua Nightingale commented: "You drank it last night, most likely that mouse got in after you drank it and went to sleep. Wouldn't you have noticed it last night after or while you were drinking it?" Another comment said: "It obviously went in after you drank it."

In a statement to Mirror Online, a spokesman for Red Bull said: "It is inconceivable that a particle — let alone anything like this — could pass through the process of world-class, modern beverage manufacture."