Dump Truck
In this representational photo, a dump truck carrying boulders makes its way onto the Oroville Dam as workers try to fix the damage below the emergency spillway at Oroville Lake in California, Feb. 13, 2017. Getty Images/ Elijah Nouvelage

A dump truck, with its bed raised, knocked off a highway signal on Interstate 610 East Loop at Market Street in Houston, Texas, at 4.22 p.m. local time (5.22 p.m. EDT) on Thursday. The impact caused the truck to overturn triggering a roadblock, reports said.

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The moment was captured in a video by two men in a car behind the truck. According to automobile news outlet Jalopnik, both of them were trying to flag down the truck but they were unable to reach the truck in time.

As a result, the top end of the raised platform hit one of the highway signs but the truck did not stop. The sign, along with the structure holding it, came crashing down on the vehicle that overturned sideways in the middle of the highway. No other vehicle was affected due to the crash as the truck was the only vehicle in the lane at the time.

Right before the crash, one of the people recording the video is heard saying “s---.” This is followed by a number of swear words. After the video documents the crash, the men following in the vehicle drive away from the scene of the crash into a separate lane, the video shows. The video has gone viral on Facebook after it was published Thursday. It had garnered over 7 million views and 30,000 shares at the time of publishing this story.

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The people who recorded the video received criticism on social media for not doing enough to warn the truck driver of the impending mishap and instead choosing to continue filming the incident. “If you guys were thinking you could have gotten in front of him and signaled him a lot better than what you did,” wrote a Facebook user in the comments section below the video. Another user said: “I agree. You could have did a lot more than just wave your hand out the window. If anything happened to that driver or anyone else the blood is in your hands.”

All north bound lanes on Interstate 610 East Loop at Market Street were closed off after the incident, ABC 13 reported. Law enforcement officials and emergency services also arrived on the scene to remove the vehicle from the road. The condition of the driver remains unknown.

Meanwhile, the residents of Texas are gearing up for Hurricane Harvey that is going to reach the state on Friday, according to CNN. People living near the coast are contemplating whether to flee their homes or face the potentially deadly tornado heading their way. According to the weather forecasters, the hurricane is close to becoming a Category 3 natural calamity with winds of at least 111 mph. Thirty-five inches of rainfall is expected along with flood waters that could reach heights of 6-12 feet above ground level.

The first city to get impacted by the hurricane would be Corpus Christi. As a result, American, United, and Southwest airlines have canceled multiple flights scheduled to depart from the Corpus Christi International Airport on Friday night.