Snakes are known to slither just about anywhere. They can make their way to the smallest of crevices and stay there to escape from potential enemies or wait for their next meal. They can even make a truck’s engine hull as a cozy spot to cool itself.

This was exactly what greeted a truck driver when he got the shock of his life after he found a humongous 15-foot under the hood of his vehicle. The Daily Mail said the driver, who worked at ZZ2 Farm in Tzaneen, South Africa, thought that the truck “sounded strange” so he decided to take a peek and found the reptile coiled around the engine block.

With the serpent catching the driver off-guard, Wynand Bloem rushed in to where the driver was after the 31-year-old diesel mechanic heard him scream.

Python Pixabay

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The outlet pointed that Bloem wanted to rescue the African rock python (Python sebae) safely and return it to its natural habitat. His fellow workers agreed with the mechanic and helped with the effort by disassembling most of the engine’s parts.

A worker assigned at the tomato and avocado farm bravely grabbed the snake by the head with both hands, while others offered a much needed helping hand and gently pulled the massive reptile “foot-by-foot” until they eventually retrieved the python out of the truck’s engine block.

“It was a very cold morning and the engine would have been nice and warm,” said Clive Garrett as he described on how the snake ended in one of their vehicles. Garrett, ZZ2 Farm’s marketing manager, added that the Farm “work at one with nature” and hence decided to rescue the snake with as much care as possible.

The workers spent more than an hour to strip the truck’s engine so that it can be big enough for them to grab the snake without hurting the animal.

Garrett said that Bloem was used to snakes and that he grew up on a farm. He also pointed that the mechanic stretched the serpent and figured it to be around 15 feet long.

“It was a pretty interesting way to start the day,” explained Garrett.

The snake was released back to the forest after it was rescued.

The African rock python is the largest snake in Africa and is one of the six largest snake species in the world. One website suggested that a typical African rock python can anywhere from 10-15 feet, although some reported specimens measured close 19 feet, and one "super-sized" specie reached 25 feet.

They can weigh anywhere from 97 to 121 pounds, while “exceptionally large” African rock pythons can tip the scale at 201 pounds.