Geraldo Rivera is urging President Donald Trump to leave the White House before he appears to be a “sore loser." The Fox News correspondent's warning came via a video posted to social media on Monday.

Rivera, who was a strong supporter of Trump throughout the presidential election, has said the time has come for Trump backers to realize that President-elect Joe Biden has won and will be sworn in as president come 2021.

“I hope that the president of the United States can have it his heart to put aside this election. He has lost,” Rivera said in the clip. “If he sticks it out any further, or much further, he will really appear as a sore loser.”

Rivera said that despite the number of lawsuits that Trump has filed refuting the election results, the “mavericks” that are claiming he still has a chance to claim a second term must stop. Trump and his team are looking to challenge the House in January in a last-ditch effort to win the election, reports the New York Times.

On Monday, Rivera told Trump activist Charlie Kirk on Fox News to stop instilling false hope into Trump supporters, reports The Independent. He said, “For six weeks! We have litigated this for six weeks! Twice the Supreme Court of the United States rejected it. You have to stop this.”

Rivera also said in his Twitter video that now is the time for Trump to celebrate his accomplishments, specifically recalling his trade agreements and his fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Rivera also mentioned the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, which he has dubbed the “Trump vaccine.”

The electoral college confirmed Biden’s victory against Trump in a 306 to 232 vote on Monday, with results being sent to Congress for certification in a joint session headed by Vice President Pence that is slated for Jan 6.

Inauguration day is set for Jan. 20.

Geraldo Rivera Geraldo Rivera appears on the "Fox & Friends" All American Concert Series at Fox's studios in New York City on Aug. 24, 2012. Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images