A video of a police officer beating a 25-year-old man, Richard Hubbard III, in Euclid, Ohio, for not heeding his orders has gone viral. Filmed by one of the witnesses, Lashaunda Malone, the video was posted on Facebook on Saturday morning. It had garnered more than 1 million views and was shared more than 25,000 times at the time of publishing this story.

An altercation began after the officer pulled Hubbard over a traffic violation, and asked him to come out of the car so that he could be taken into custody but the driver ignored the commands, according to the police. Hubbard was later charged with driving under suspension and resisting arrest, police said.

Two police officers were involved in the incident that lasted for more than three minutes. The police officer, who engaged in violent behavior, is currently on paid administrative leave after the video of the violent arrest went viral.

The incident took place around 10:30 a.m. EDT, when the officer concerned took note of the traffic violation by Hubbard, according to an official statement by Euclid police. In the video,  a woman, who was presumably Hubbard's friend, is also seen standing nearby. shouting at the officers.

Malone, who recorded the whole episode, was also heard saying, "What's going on?" Another voice of a young girl, probably Malone's daughter, can be heard as she asked, "Mommy, what's going on?"

After few minutes of punching, one of the police officers got Hubbard on his stomach and handcuffed him. Soon both the officers could be seen handcuffing the girl.

The identity of the arresting officer hasn't been released by the police, but in the statement, it was mentioned he was treated at a local hospital and was released soon after. The police are investigating the incident.

"It's the mission of the Euclid Police Department to provide professional and transparent service to the residents, business owners, and visitors to the City of Euclid. This entire incident will be reviewed, in detail, so that the public can have a full and open understanding of the series of events that eventually led to this violent encounter," the statement read.

There have been several incidents in the past when a police officer made a violent arrest. In July, a video of a California woman, who was arrested in a similar manner went viral. Juanita Mendez-Medrano, 52, who worked as street side flower vendor, was arrested after she refused to cooperate with a police officer.

Police were patrolling the area due to a function in a nearby school, an official statement by Riverside County Sheriff's Department said. The video had sparked outrage among people.

In June, a video emerged where a driver could be seen getting dragged from his vehicle. He was punched several times and also kneed by a police officer over a traffic violation in Minnesota. The state unit of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) termed the incident a "disturbing and completely unnecessary” example of excessive use of force, according to the Guardian. The officer was also said to have abused the driver. 

“I had no idea what was going on when I was approached and attacked by this officer,” Anthony Promvongsa, the driver seen in the 2016 footage, told the ACLU.

In May, a cellphone video of a teenager's arrest in Texas showed a police officer beating the girl; however, the allegations were dismissed by the police department. The police and the teen's family had their own versions of the incident. While police said it was the girl who assaulted one of their officers, the family insisted the video showed it was the police and not the girl, who punched, CNN reported.