A 10-second video clip has emerged showing a Yuba City police officer in a struggle with a man outside a Taco Bell restaurant in Yuba City, California, this week. The man he was punching was identified as 59-year-old Ronald Ybarra. 

A woman who claims to have witnessed the whole episode told FOX 40-TV that the police officer was punched first. "The guy laid the biggest punch on this poor cop — came out of nowhere and then there was a scuffle. So the cop did what anybody would do," she said. 

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Lt. Jim Runyen of Yuba City Police said Ybarra was taken into custody on charges of resisting arrest and violating parole laws and was initially held without bail, reports said. Ybarra was released Wednesday. Runyen further clarified that the police are aware of the video footage and are reviewing witness statements to understand the situation.

“Our officers wear body cameras and those are being reviewed for evidence,” he said. “Use of force is something we take very seriously and review to make sure it’s within department policy,” he added, KCRA Sacramento reported.

The short video footage shows Ybarra reaching into his pant pocket or holding something behind his back. In the video, a man is also heard saying, “He’s got his gun dude.”

According to Ybarra, the takedown left him with aching pain and a sore jaw. “It was not good. It was not fun,” he said. “I don’t know what I am going to do,” he added according to the Los Angeles Times. Ybarra would like to see some action taken against the police officer.

His wife, Kathi Ybarra, was convinced her husband was not armed and doesn’t own a gun. "It made me sick to my stomach. It just upset me. It clearly looked like he was the one assaulted — not the other way around,” she told KCRA Sacramento when her husband was arrested.

Ybarra’s wife shared her husband’s sentiment and said that their family is ready to sue the police department over this encounter.

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"I would imagine he's going to try to file a law suit against the county. It's time the city, someone needs to hold them accountable," Kathi Ybarra said. "This was just too much. He didn't lose his life, but he very well could have." 

His wife further revealed that Ybarra was in the area to confront a man who he believed stole money from him.

"If he would have attacked a police officer like they're claiming, you know, I think they would have shot him," Kathi Ybarra said. "And I think they would have charged him with assaulting a police officer, not just resisting arrest," she added.

Although Ybarra was released from custody on Wednesday, no further details about the arrest or the incident are released yet. According to the Los Angeles Times, Ybarra was released after nearly three days in custody. According to Sutter County Superior Court records, he is on probation for a 2016 misdemeanor conviction for assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury, the report said.