Forest fires have devastated the town of Slave Lake, Alberta, forcing officials to evacuate most of the 10,000 residents. Spurred by warm temperatures and gusting winds, 100 wildfires are burning in Alberta with 23 considered out of control in a fire season not seen before.

Hundreds of firefighters converged on the Slave Lake town to help battle the blazes, BBC News quoted Slave Lake Mayor Karina Pillay-Kinnee saying. Emergency officials were knocking on doors on Tuesday to ensure all the town's 7,000 residents have evacuated. There are no reports of injuries or fatalities.

In addition, Canadian oil production cuts could more than double by Wednesday as companies move to protect employees and property from wildfires raging through northern Alberta and cope with the shutdown of a key pipeline, according to a Reuters report.

Oil companies had shut in close to 50,000 barrels per day of production on Tuesday due to wildfires in the Western Canadian province, one of the largest suppliers of crude to the United States.

Take a look at the watering down of wildfires at Slave Lake: