Waxahachie Fire
The Waxahachie fire continues to burn at the Magnablend chemical plant. Reuters

Waxahachie, Texas will have to get used to the flames.

Firefighters have decided to let a massive, roaring chemical fire that has been raging since Monday morning burn itself out.

When the fire started yesterday at the Magnablend plant, news that there could be dangerous chemicals leaks from the 100,000-square-foot plant was unsubstantiated. Today, the Environmental Protection Agency said initial air quality tests show nothing significant, with no threat to the public.

More than 80,000 gallons of bulk liquid were stored inside the plant. The fire spread toward a nearby field and train, and engulfed a fire truck, forcing evacuations in an eight-block radius.

The fire is now 80-95% contained. Evacuees should be able to return home by this evening, NBC DFW reported.

Officials say they still do not know how the fire started, and are launching an investigation to find out.