Wayward Pines
Ben (Charlie Tahan, right) will have to restore sanity in Wayward Pines after his father's (Matt Dillon, left) death in the "Wayward Pines" finale. Fox

"Wayward Pines" Season 1 ended with a huge cliffhanger. In the last scene of Thursday's finale, "Cycle," Ben Burke (Charlie Tahan) woke up after slipping into a coma -- during the attack from the Abbies that killed his father (Matt Dillon) -- to find that in the three-plus years he had been unconscious, Jason (Todd Stevens) and the First Generation had restored Wayward Pines to David Pilcher (Toby Jones)/Sheriff Pope (Terrence Howard) levels of Big Brother-style surveillance and put all of the adults back into "suspension."

While "Wayward Pines" was originally designed to be 10-episode mini-series and nothing more, the ratings success of the series has Fox in talks to possibly renew the show. "We have an idea we’ve discussed. That’s all I’ll say," executive producer M. Night Shyamalan told Deadline Hollywood. If Fox does bring "Wayward Pines" back for another run, it will be exciting to watch how Ben handles his new situation.

Here are 5 questions fans are asking after the Season 1 finale:

1. What Will Ben Do Now?

Essentially, Ben is left in the same position his father found himself in when the show premiered in May -- the onle sane person in a town gone wrong. Will he follow in Ethan's footsteps and try to wake up the adults and end the surveillance? Is anyone else in the town on his side? The younger Burke could be the hero of Season 2.

2. Can Ben Trust Amy?

If Ben is going to save Wayward Pines, that might mean going it alone. When Amy woke Ben up in the hospital she sure seemed to be doing her best Pam (Melissa Leo) impression -- that is, Pam before she decided to be a good guy halfway through the season. Can Ben trust his girlfriend? It's been three years since they last spoke. That is a lot of time for the First Generation to gain influence over her.

3. Who is Still Alive?

Ethan and Pilcher are no more. However, the fates of Kate, Pam, and Theresa (Shannyn Sossamon) were left pretty open ended. Are they among the adults put back into suspension by the first generation, or were they dealt with more harshly. Plus, what would the trio do if Ben managed to wake them up again?

Wayward Pines
What would Kate (Carla Gugino) do if Ben woke her up from "suspension" in "Wayward Pines?" Fox

4. Is Mrs. Fisher Dead?

Every fan wanted to see it, but the show deprived viewers of actually seeing the manipulative teacher's final moments -- though it did seem she was about to be overrun by Abbies. However, speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Chad Hodge shied away from confirming that Mrs. Fisher (Hope Davis) died a deservedly horrific death.

"I can confirm that you can imagine that, but I cannot confirm that she died a slow and horrible death for sure," said Hodge. "I can confirm that Ethan Burke did."

5. Is There Anybody Out There?

Fans saw in the Plot 33 bunker that expeditions had been sent out by Pilcher to see if any other humans survived. No one returned alive, but that does not mean the possibiility that someone is out there is gone. If the show decides to continue into a second season, it might make sense to bring a new group of adults into the mix.

The answers to these and any other questions about what happens next in "Wayward Pines" will have to be put on hold as fans wait to see if Fox will renew the show. In the meantime, viewers can be thankful that it is still 2015 and they do not have to deal with any Abbies themselves.