Wayward Pines
Ethan (Matt Dillon, right) and Kate (Carla Gugino) try to save the human race in the "Wayward Pines" series finale. Fox

It all comes to an end Thursday for “Wayward Pines.” When the Fox series premiered in May it was hard to predict where the mysterious show was headed. Was Ethan’s (Matt Dillon) time in the ‘Twilight Zone’ town a dream? Apparently, that was not the case, even if the state of Wayward Pines going into the finale feels like a nightmare. The stakes are high now as Ethan, Kate (Carla Gugino), and Theresa (Shannyn Sossamon) must fight to save the last remaining members of human civilization from the invading Abbies.

Here are three theories for how it will all go down in episode 10, “Cycle”:

1. Ethan And Kate Will Save The Day

Obviously, this would be the happiest ending for fans of the Fox series. When David Pilcher (Toby Jones) – angry that Ethan had revealed the 4028 truth to the citizens of Wayward Pines – shut off the power in the town, it allowed the Abbies to climb the electric fence and get inside. The promo and synopsis for the episode reveal that the final hour of the show will feature Ethan and Kate fighting to protect the town from the humanoid monsters. The footage in the teaser shows them battling their way through town in what looks more like a zombie apocalypse film than the mystery series viewers have watched over the first nine episodes. With any luck, the pair will be able to run the Abbies out of town and preserve order with everyone in Wayward Pines ready to accept the truth and work together to protect their way of life. That will be a tall order. Here’s hoping!

Watch the promo for the "Wayward Pines" finale below:

2. Pilcher Will Prove His Own Theory True

Meanwhile, the synopsis reveals that Pam (Melissa Leo) will be desperate to convince her brother to turn the power back on to save the town he created. Pilcher has been driven by paranoia that if the residents knew the truth they would self-destruct as they did in his first attempt at establishing Wayward Pines. However, his actions – letting the Abbies in to cleanse the population – are essentially creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Will the Abbies kill everyone in the town? The episode is called “Cycle” after all, an ominous tease that this version of Wayward Pines will fare no better than the first.

3. The First Generation Will Stand Alone

This theory combines the first two theories into an apocalyptic silver lining. The First Generation – the children, including Ben (Charlie Tahan) – was not featured in Blake Crouch’s book series on which the show was based. That means it figures to play an important role in the series’ ending. Perhaps, the Abbies will indeed wipe out most of the residents of the town, but just the adults. When the dust settles could the first generation, led by Ben, be the only humans left? After all, the whole season the group has been being trained to carry on human civilization after their parents are gone.

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