Well Go USA has acquired North American rights to a pair of Korean projects -- a 3D animated dinosaur feature and a war story, the company announced Monday.

The animated picture is Tarbosaurus, about dinosaurs who ruled the Korean Peninsula 70 million years ago. Spotty, a young dinosaur, lives happily in the forest until the day he learns to hunt, which, Well Go says, marks the beginning of a long and painful journey into adulthood for Spotty.

The company has all rights to Tarbosaurus.

It has DVD, digital, VOD and television rights to My Way.

My Way is set in Seoul, in Japan-colonized Korea. Two rivals, Junshik and Tasuo, find themselves in the same unit fighting the Soviets. They become POWs and ultimately escape together.

The movie was written and directed by Je-kyu Kang, whose 2004 hit Tae Guk Gi: Brotherhood of War, which grossed more than $64 million in Korea alone.

My Way is set for a U.S. theatrical release early in 2012.

Well Go USA specializes in bringing Asian cinema to North America.