Wesley Warren Jr., the Las Vegas man who made headlines last year for having a rare condition causing his scrotum to weigh 100 pounds, turned down an offer Monday for free surgery to correct his scrotal lymphedema.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Warren Jr. was approached by the Dr. Oz Show to undergo surgery for his condition, where the show would pay the expenses in exchange for interview rights. However, the 47-year-old, who was made famous after appearing on Comedy Central's Tosh.0 and The Howard Stern Show, refused the offer to go under the knife on Monday, despite his previous efforts to raise the money himself.

I'll make a decision when I'm ready, Warren told the Review-Journal.

Warren Jr. weighs in at 400 pounds, with his scrotum accounting for 100 pounds alone, and has difficulty living life normally because of his condition that causes the scrotum to swell with fluid. According to the LVRJ, Warren Jr. could not hold a job, nor can he engage in daily activities with ease like urinating or having a sex life. His condition prompted a campaign on Facebook to raise the $1 million needed for corrective surgery to reverse Warren Jr.'s scrotal lymphedema.

But Warren Jr. reportedly did not change his mind about the surgery because of his fame, since making headlines in the Review-Journal pushed him into the limelight, but rather for health concerns.

Who would want to live like this? Warren Jr. said. I just don't want to die during the operation.

Doctors had previously informed Wesley Warren Jr. that the surgery could run the risk of death from bleeding or his penis or testicles may need to be removed entirely.

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